1.7 Billion Calculations Per Second, Big Data in Guizhou Speeds up

GUIYANG, China, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by Huanqiu.com:

“This year we are going to set up a more segmented data center inside the enterprise and provide value-added data services,”said Shu Xiaozhong, head of Guizhou Tiancheng Elite Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. in Longli County, Guizhou.

This company has been a major provider of software for both public blood banks and digital outpatient services for vaccination in China. Though rooted in the software service sector for over a decade, Tiancheng Elite could previously only have been said to be a beneficiary of the development to big data in this province. Now, the construction of data centers for enterprises has become a new turning point for his company.

“Taking advantage of data sources, the company conducts data analysis and mining to precisely guide relevant industries and create data revenue. This year, it may amount to between 20 million and 50 million yuan,” said Shu Xiaozhong.

Guizhou, with its impressive landscape, is often shrouded in clouds and mist. The “Guizhou Cloud” now has a new meaning: data centers are Guizhou’s new special and competitive industry, and the Guian New Area in Guiyang City has become one of the leading data center clusters in the world. Relying on the local favorable conditions of geology, climate and electricity, Guizhou supports the establishment and operation of data centers for China’s three major telecom operators, as well as Huawei, Tencent, Apple, and others, becoming one of the biggest centers of large and ultra-large data centers globally.

A view of the exhibition center of the national big data (Guizhou) comprehensive pilot zone.(Source icphoto.cn)

“In terms of its development of computing power, Guian is naturally endowed,” noted Ma Ningyu, the Mayor of Guiyang and Director-General of Guian’s Administration Committee. Guian enjoys abundant local sources of electricity and stable geological conditions, furthermore, its cool climate and fresh air help data centers reduce energy consumption.

While constantly consolidating the construction of computing power infrastructure, China’s three major telecom operators are also accelerating their research on core computing technologies and actively promoting computing and network convergence (CNC).

What can you do in 1 second? Within one second from when a consumer presses the payment button on an e-commerce platform, 1.7 billion calculations have been made. Chen Jinhui, Director of the Maintenance Management Department at China Telecom Cloud Computing Information Park in Guizhou, explained that the construction and operation of the park begun in 2013, and has now become the largest data center for Chinese Telecom’s southern operations. It was the first data center launched in Guian, and its export bandwidth today has already reached 10Tb.

As a fundamental and strategic resource, data serves as the main engine driving the digital economy. In 2023, Guizhou will make efforts both internally and externally towards developing a new technological infrastructure for digital economic growth. Internally incentive policies for building the nationally integrated computing network (Guizhou hub node) will be formulated. The construction of data centers for China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Industrial Bank, Midea Cloud, Netease, and others will accelerate, and the data centers launched for China’s three telecom operators, Apple, Huawei and Tencent will be further expanded. Externally, Guizhou will build optical cables directly linking Guiyang and Guangzhou, and optimize its routing and bandwidth towards Shanghai and Beijing.

In the era of the digital economy, data and computing power have become key factors for productivity and play a key role in restructuring factor resources, reshaping the structure of the economy and reforming the competitive landscape. Their role as both “foundations” and “enablers” have also become more pronounced. According to Ma Ningyu, China’s¬†implementation of “channeling computer resources from the east to the west” will give full play to its institutional strengths and mechanisms, optimize its resource allocation, propel the coordinated development of both eastern and western regions, and ultimately bring about greater common prosperity.


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