100+ Top Counsellors come together to get students Exam Ready

MUMBAI, India, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Millions of students across the country are about to enter the most intense period of their year — Exam Season. It’s the season of stress, anxiety and performance pressure. Everyone is trying to support students in the best way they can, and Mentoria – a career guidance and mentorship platform – stepped up with expert guidance to ease this stress for students with their Exam Ready portal.

According to a report published by the Times of India in 2021, 82% of students in India suffer from exam stress. The increase in stress can also be attributed to the change in the education system and exam pattern. The Government of India has also implemented various measures to help the students such as a 24×7 helpline number and in-school counselling sessions.

Mentoria is India’s most holistic career discovery platform and has been at the forefront of helping individuals identify their right career through scientific and insight-based guidance methods. Their four-step guidance programme has helped more than 1.35 lakh students and working professionals find their true calling and lead happier lives. They have also partnered with  80+ corporates like L&T, Britannia, UPL, ONGC, Axis Bank, Glenmark and India’s top 60 schools to spread the #CareerReady movement.  

Mentoria’s Exam Ready portal has been created to deal with exam stress using an unconventional but effective method. They have collaborated with more than 100 psychologists, HR professionals, educators, coaches and experts to create an extensive resource library of 100+ videos across categories like Mental Health, Memory Hacks, Revision Tips, Physical Health, Emotional Health and Parent’s Corner. These experts offer tips and advice on building healthy routines, following the right diet for exams, mindfulness practices for dealing with exam stress and mental health issues, revision strategies, exam paper strategies and more through these videos. There are no charges applicable to access the videos on the Exam Ready portal.

“Children today aren’t just dealing with exam stress but the confusion and anxiety of the last two years as well. The last thing they need is more pressure or someone telling them what they are doing wrong. What they need is someone who can hear them out, guide them through their challenges, offer them practical advice, and support them in overcoming the confusion and isolation they’ve been dealing with. A portal like that, during their most stressful period, is the need of the hour,” says the management team and founding principal of Spartan Group of Schools, Tamil Nadu.

Through the #ExamReady portal, Mentoria offers students an opportunity to book a one-on-one session with counsellors to get personal guidance on managing their studies and exam pressure. They can also benefit from other exam resources like the 2022 Entrance Exams Calendar, blogs, and live webinars. “Mentoria’s #ExamReady portal will surely help to alleviate the pre-exam anxiety that today’s youth is grappling with,” confirms Chetan Wakalkar, Group Director, Indira Group of Institutes.

Mentoria also aims to create awareness about exam stress among parents while educating them on ways to help children manage it. “Year on year, the competition only gets tougher and there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on students to score better. They get so caught up in a number that it’s difficult to imagine a life beyond it. It’s an overwhelming time for students, and we want to make sure they can navigate through this season with a focused strategy and calm approach. We have a large counsellor community with a lot of experience in handling exam stress, and we wanted to ensure their advice doesn’t just reach our users but students across the country,” says Nikhar Arora, CEO & Co-founder of Mentoria.

The Exam Ready portal is a great way to support children during these times. If you’re a student or a parent, you can visit the portal and check out expert tips to help you tackle the upcoming exams: https://www.mentoria.com/exam-ready

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