17sing "Mic Song Cup" ended successfully, "WACKYBOYS-Soon Sun" vs. "Master Nana", 17sing's singers show off their best performances

TAIPEI, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 15th, the “Mic Song Cup” event organized by 17sing officially started. The event lasted for 3 weeks and was ended in the 17sing Live Contest on the evening of October 6th. The hot topic of “Mic Song Cup” created by 17sing has aroused the attention of the whole Internet. This competition is led by Internet celebrities “WACKYBOYS-Soon Sun” and “Master Nana”. Many Internet celebrity also participated. The well-known platform Dcard also joined this competition, and held the “Campus Z Singing PK Competition” in Dcard to support the event.The “Mic Song Cup” event has attracted the attention as soon as it was officially announced.

The entire “Mic Song Cup” event was very dramatic. Before the event started, “Soon Sun” and “Master Nana” “make an appointment” in the boxing ring. This shocking news quickly aroused heated discussions on Internet. The two Internet celebrities formed an alliance to attract fans and other Internet celebrities to join,and the final live streaming duel became extremely topical on everywhere. In order to support their idols, fans spontaneously organize activities to support them. In the end, this event successfully became a central issue in the mainstream vision.

The “Mic Song Cup” is divided into three stages. The first stage is the breakout competition. All people can register for the competition by record songs in the 17sing . Then a week-long online voting will determine who will advance based on the number of votes each contestant receives. The second stage is the same song  competition. All participating Internet celebrities and promoted players will compete with the same song based on the song list voted by users. Lucky users who participate in predictions and guess the outcome will receive generous rewards. The third stage is the most exciting Live Streaming competition. The alliance led by “Soon Sun” and “Master Nana” will gather together in 17sing to celebrate and have an unprecedented battle.

The Live Streaming competition on October 6th was the most anticipated peak match of “Mic Song Cup”, which attracted more than 7000 people to watch. That night, “Soon Sun” and “Master Nana” came to the singing room in 17sing. As alliance leaders, they led the promoted players from their respective alliances to a song duel, and the winning alliance will also receive generous cash rewards.

The competition lasted for 2 hours, all the audiences witness the power of the singer s in 17sing! The singers in 17sing are not only great at singing, but also great at acting! In the competition, there are not only handsome guys who transform into sexy hot boy, captains who fly music flights, hot girls who are good at rhythmic dance music, but also Malaysian who insist on performing despite delays in foreign countries, cute girls with sweet looks and mature voice, etc. . Soon Sun commented: “The voice of 17sing singers can heal others.” At the end of the game, the captains of both sides appeared as the finale. Soon Sun sang “Jing Wu Men” and matched his dancing body. He was well-deserved for the title of “King of Performance”; while Master Nana sang “Ye Zi” with the original key, whose magical high pitch and all-out performance won unanimous recognition from the audience.The whole competition was extremely intense and exciting. The players on both sides performed so hard to defend the glory of the league and their love for music . Their beautiful singing voices amazed everyone present, said that the show was worthwhile!

“Mic Song Cup” is meaningful to 17sing. It is a good opportunity to integrate the Internet celebrity effect and fan interaction, which can effectively arouse the brand’s popularity and reputation; it is also an opportunity to attract more young users, many of whom will Re-acquainted with 17sing because of favorite idols and hot topics; it shows the open attitude of the 17sing to support innovation, and makes the brand image younger and full of vitality. In the future, 17sing will be more active in this path, allowing more celebrities and stars to participate in it, creating a carnival atmosphere for the whole Internet. All in all, holding such a major hot event is an important means of brand commercial promotion, and it will also bring positive effects in multiple directions. It will become a rare opportunity to enhance brand value. We have reason to believe that more young people will participate in such activities, so as to understand, use and like 17sing, and start their music dreams from the 17sing.

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