$5M Max Prize Pool Offered in WCTC S5 Competition on Gate.io

MAJURO, Marshall Islands, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — F1 is to racing as the WCTC is to crypto; the prize money is huge, the event is global, and the bragging rights are merited. With up to $5 million in prizes and thousands of participants, the fifth season of Gate.io’s WCTC (World Cup Trading Competition) is about to begin, bringing together traders in a competitive crypto trading battle to win big.

WCTC S5 pits trader against trader in team-based and individual competitions on Gate.io’s spot and futures markets. This seasonal event features a dynamic cumulative prize pool that can reach up to $5 million, along with a ton of other extra bonuses and rewards.

The competition is split across five geographic divisions and one main division, with individual and team-based rankings across each competition category: Futures Team, Futures Individual, and Spot Individual. Categories are separately ranked by total profit and total volume, offering multiple ways to claim a top prize. Lastly, the prize pools are distributed between each division, competition category, and ranking category, with rankings extending to the top 30 or top 100 participants, depending on the category.

In addition to the main prizes, Gate.io is giving away merch and loads of Apple products during weekly live streams on Gate Live and YouTube every Thursday at noon (UTC) from August 31 to September 28. The first giveaway is for everyone registered for WCTC S5, with the chance to win either an iPhone 15 Pro Max or one of 20 Coffee Sets. After that, for participants who trade futures, an additional 20 iPhones, 50 iPads, and 100 AirPods will be given away across subsequent live streams. Info about the live stream giveaways and other bonus events are available in the WCTC S5 announcement.With all the sub-event bonuses, participants don’t need to rank high to earn a reward.

The competition will officially kick off on August 31 and finish on September 29. Still, registration remains open until September 24 for those late to the party. This provides ample time for the prize pool to grow, as the more participants that register, the closer the main prize gets to $5 million.

Disclaimer: Please kindly note that while cryptocurrencies have high growth potential, they are also subject to significant market risks and volatility. Therefore, it is strongly advised that users conduct their own research and assume the risks associated with the investment.

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