800 Panel Solar Energy System Supporting Swire Energy Services' Net-Zero Strategy

HOUMA, La., Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Solar Alternatives, a provider of commercial solar solutions, announces the completion of a 300kW Solar PV System for Swire Energy Services. This system is expected to generate over 340MWh of energy annually, resulting in an estimated $1.25 million in energy savings.

President of Solar Alternatives, Jeffrey Cantin stated, “This solar project at Swire Energy Services demonstrates how energy firms can integrate environmental responsibility into their activities, providing reliable power and profitable results. Swire’s achievement is industry-leading and brings long-term financial and sustainability benefits.”

Director of Swire Energy Services, Mike Perera, added, “At Swire Energy Services, we are committed to providing long-term sustainable value to our stakeholders, customers, and community. We aim to lead our industry in sustainable development and, by partnering with Solar Alternatives on this project, this is just one of many steps toward reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.”

Solar projects offer cost-effective energy solutions for businesses. The recent increase in federal tax credits for commercial solar projects to 30% has become an attractive investment for companies aiming to reduce energy costs and contribute to sustainability goals. Cantin added, “Now is the perfect time for businesses to invest in renewable energy. We look forward to assisting more regional companies in reducing energy costs and lowering their carbon footprint.”

Solar Alternatives collaborated closely with Swire Energy Services to install the solar PV system across three buildings, with a total PV array size of 316.80 kWDC. The installation includes 792 Canadian Solar modules, each producing 400W, and 198 Yotta microinverters. This optimized design maximizes efficiency and productivity. With the new solar PV system, Swire Energy Services can power its operations while significantly reducing its carbon footprint using clean, renewable solar energy.

Solar Alternatives’ completion of the solar PV system showcases Swire Energy Services’ dedication to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. This system generates clean energy, reduces environmental impact, and saves costs. Swire Energy Services’ industry leadership exemplifies its commitment to sustainable practices and inspires others to embrace renewable energy. Installing solar energy systems plays a crucial role in global environmental goals, and Swire Energy Services leads this transformative journey.

About Solar Alternatives

Solar Alternatives, Inc. is a solar power and microgrid design-build firm serving the Gulf South. They provide solar and battery backup engineering, installation, and maintenance for commercial and residential facilities. Established in 2008, the company operates in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas and has received recognition for its sustainability efforts.

About Swire Energy Services

Swire Energy Services is a global service provider offering solutions to the energy and aviation industry. Committed to operational excellence and sustainable practices, Swire Energy Services aims to deliver innovative and reliable services while minimizing environmental impact.

Media Contact: Violeta Thompson, vthompson@solalt.com

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