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A dozen deals on unique tech featured at CES over the years

A dozen deals on unique tech featured at CES over the years

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

For over 50 years, CES has been the global stage for innovation, showcasing some of the most exciting tech in the world. It’s the event that gives us a first look at breakthrough tech and gets us excited for the future of the industry. And over the years, there have been some really incredible products.

These 12 products featured at CES over the years are on sale for up to 49% off for a limited time. Save on unique tech that made a splash at the most influential tech event in the world. 

A modern car navigation safety solution, the HUDWAY Glass connects to any HUD app-equipped smartphone and delivers digital driving directions to a transparent display that mounts on your dashboard. It gives you a 20% larger image than your phone and lets you view directions without taking your eyes off the road. Get it on sale for $49.95 (regularly $59).

Credit: HUDWAY

Basically the original Apple AirTag, Chipolo trackers are handy Bluetooth-enabled devices you stick to items you lose regularly, like your keys or wallet. You use an app to track them down with a loud alarm and receive notifications when you leave them behind. A four-pack is typically $100, but you can save 25% and get it for only $74.99 for a limited time.

Stack of red, blue, white, and black discs with hole

Credit: Chipolo

A unique way to test-drive your tattoo idea before pulling the trigger, the Prinker S device pairs with an app and prints any tattoo of your choice (from over 5k preset designs or your own creation). Just prep your skin with the included primer and rub the Prinker S across the area you want the tat. It’s on sale for 15% off again for a limited time — grab it for just $379.95.

Black mini printer with three cartridge colors and a spray bottle

Credit: Prinker

Featured previously, the PhiGolf lets you play golf year-round from virtually anywhere. It uses a swing stick trainer as the controller and a built-in sensor to recreate your real-world swing on photorealistic simulations of world-famous golf courses or basic driving ranges. Get it for $249.

Blue golf stick box set with black golf club, black sensor, and blue cord

Credit: PhiGolf

The Soundbrenner smartwatch is built for musicians and features a vibrating metronome, without the classic click-clack sound, in order to free up the ears for the music. With the accompanying app, you can also change up the time signature, load your setlists, use multiplayer sync to get the whole band on the same page, adjust vibration intensity or beat duration, and even change the pulse color. The base model is usually $119, but you can use the code PULSE20 to get it for $79.

Black watch with audio symbol on face

Credit: Soundbrenner

A feature-packed tabletop radio, the Eton Elite Executive receives virtually every radio wavelength there is: AM (MW), FM with RDS, LW, and Shortwave (SW) at home or abroad. Plus, it receives both SSB and VHF aircraft bands, so it delivers strong and clear audio with minimal interference. Slash $89 off and get it on sale for $89.99 with the code RADIO60.

Small black radio with display and buttons, in front of brown case

Credit: Eton

The Hubble Nursery Pal Deluxe is an HD baby monitor that comes with a portable wireless camera and is equipped with infrared night vision, a room temperature sensor, encrypted WiFi, and a built-in privacy shield. It also doubles as an interactive entertainment hub for children to use as they grow. It’s usually $199, but you can slash 10% off and get it for $179.99 for a limited time.

White cylindrical camera with separate triangular base

Credit: Hubble Connected

This compact, modular travel adapter is like a skeleton key for charging your devices in any country. It’s made of four interlocking, magnetic modules and can be configured in different ways to work in all 195 countries in the world. Grab one for only $49.99 (regularly $55) if you’re planning on traveling any time soon.

Black and blue travel adapter separated into four sections with separate plugs and outlets

Credit: Nomadplug

These fashion-forward glasses are designed to do it all: play music, make phone calls, control Siri or Alexa, and even block your eyes from harmful blue light. You can even take them to an optician and get your prescription lenses put in them. Save 49% for a limited time and get a pair for just $99.99.

Black glasses

Credit: Fauna

A content creator’s dream device, the Pivo Pod is basically a phone mount and tripod that tracks you as you move. It’s particularly helpful for solo creators making TikToks, YouTube content, Instagram Reels, and more. Get it on sale for $99.99 (regularly $109) for a limited time.

Phone on black cylindrical mount with person on screen

Credit: Pivo

The Square Off Pro can serve as a typical chessboard you can unroll and play on anywhere, or an internet-connected modern playing set that connects you with over 50 million players around the world via and Lichess. You can also challenge yourself against an adaptive AI or learn alongside a guided coach. Save $24 and get this board for $225 to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Black and white chessboard on black background

Credit: InfinVention Technologies

The two-player Marvel Countercade from Arcade1up delivers retro gaming fun in a compact package. Set it up on your countertop, desk, or bar and enjoy playing Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs Street Fighter, The Punisher, and Marvel vs Capcom. It’s just $229.99 and packs hours of classic entertainment.

Old-school multi-colored Marvel arcade machine with joystick and buttons

Credit: Arcade1Up

Prices subject to change.

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