A subscription to SelectTV and VPN Unlimited is just $99 for life

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TL;DR: Integrate your TV experience with the SelectTV and KeepSolid VPN bundle, on sale for 85% off. As of Aug. 12, get both for only $99.

Cutting the cord with your cable provider isn’t as easy as you think — especially when you’re used to watching TV in a traditional way. But this lifetime subscription bundle of SelectTV and KeepSolid VPN makes the transition a bit smoother. It offers two unique services that make streaming your favorite content easier, for a low price tag that makes you more inclined to ditch your cable for good.

We’ve highlighted both SelectTV and KeepSolid VPN before and both services are top-notch. SelectTV combines content from broadcast, cable, internet, on-demand, and streaming platforms on one unified, user-friendly interface. Plus, it gives you access to over 150 live channels — including local ones in certain markets — which mirrors the viewing experience you’re used to with your cable provider. Rather than having to open up numerous apps one by one, you’ll get a view of everything in one place for that old-fashioned channel surfing feeling you know and love.

Here’s how it works:

Meanwhile, the included subscription to the top-rated KeepSolid VPN Unlimited lets users choose from over 400 secure servers in over 80 different locations across the globe. That essentially breaks down any geographic barriers you once had to watching specific content in any given network. Just choose a server in a location where you wish to watch a show and you’ll magically unlock all sorts of content you couldn’t before. Plus, it also eliminates the risk of being hacked or tracked, which is always a bonus. The service has earned 4.3 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot and the title of PCMag’s Top VPN, so it’s definitely a top-notch VPN provider.

With the joined forces of SelectTV and KeepSolid VPN, you should be more inclined to ditch your cable provider. And when you see the cost savings, you’ll be ready to quite literally chop through the cord yourself. The subscription bundle is valued at $677, but for a limited time, you can snag lifetime access to both services for just $99.

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