AI will write poetry at Dubai Expo

From increasing the performance of telephones to improving intelligent public transport, AI has quickly found its way into all areas of life in recent years. However, the machine learning-based system is not entirely mechanical, as interactive virtual assistants and droids with emotional intelligence also improve the quality of life for users.

Last year, visitors to the Gitex Tech event in Dubai loved the AI, which used cameras and three robotic arms to simultaneously paint pictures of the same person from different perspectives. This year, people can expect to be fascinated by the processing power of machine learning by creating poetic couplets by combining the words gathered by visitors.

The smart installation will be presented as part of the UK pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Her creative instincts were sharpened by exposure to 15,000 poems written by 100 top British poets. Sentences formed into sonnets appear on a large display that changes for six months as people keep adding new input.

To demonstrate the talent of the AI-supported bard, 742 LED panels were aligned to form a 20-meter-high cone in which couplets are visible alongside music. People can use their smartphones to contribute words through an online interface.

Experts from the Poetry Archive, the Poetry Society, and the Scottish Poetry Library trained the intelligent word smith to refine the content and use only topics relevant to a global audience. The whole project was inspired by the idea of ​​a digital companion and the intelligent support we use in everyday texting.

The world’s most precise reconstruction of Michelangelo’s David will be on display, among other initiatives to unveil the creative abilities of machine learning at Dubai Expo. The sculpture was scanned for 40 hours and 156,000 points were measured to create an accurate replica of the icon that can be transported around the world while the original rests safely in a museum.

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