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Amazon teasing Fire TV edition TVs on sale way ahead of Prime Day

Amazon teasing Fire TV edition TVs on sale way ahead of Prime Day

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Grab a 32-inch Fire TV for the kitchen or a 50-inch Fire TV for the living room.

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Save up to $120: Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV Edition TVs between 32 and 50 inches are up to 35% off for Prime members as of June 3.

Sometimes, your weekend consists of nothing more than binge-watching every season of a show and moving no more than from the couch to the bed. It’s relaxing until the TVs aren’t synced and you lose your episode — surprise, you just read a spoiler while trying to hunt it down.

Starting fresh with a Fire TV in each room can get the mismatch squared away quickly. The Prime Day 2021 landing page is currently teasing early Prime Day TV deals: Prime members can grab a 32-inch HD Fire TV for $129, a 43-inch 4K Fire TV for $219.99, or a 50-inch 4K Fire TV for $309.99. The sale prices could drop even more once Prime Day hits, but they could sell out quickly, too.

Fire TV Edition TVs are clutch because the same Amazon account is applied across all devices, including any Fire TV Sticks you may already have. All of the streaming apps you’ve downloaded will show up across all devices, organized in possibly *the* most user-friendly interface of all smart TVs on the market. One single remote (included with your purchase) operates apps, switching between HDMIs, and volume, plus the option to search via Alexa voice commands. 

Frequent Amazon shoppers who are particularly passionate can do their shopping across those eight million pixels, too. The Fire TV Amazon app operates just as it would on a laptop or phone, saving your cart in case you need to double-check that addition you made while half asleep in bed.

Amazon teasing Fire TV edition TVs on sale way ahead of Prime Day

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