Amplifying the fraud prevention community and their important work – What’s next

The fraud prevention community has long been committed to doing some of the globe’s most important work: protecting people and stopping criminals. Anti-fraud professionals, however, face a seemingly endless stream of new methodologies, approaches, and threats, and the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated them all. Consider the new risks that come from working remotely, the spectacular increase in identity theft cases against the private sector and government programs, and the sophisticated schemes we discover as criminals structure their operations like businesses, with never -seen-before levels of leadership, resources, agility, and adaptability.

But as a community, we can – and should – learn from each other. I’m a strong believer in the important responsibility we all share to actively participate in the larger community, and I’m grateful that Nuance is stepping up to play a leading role. As a member of that community, I see firsthand how we are all committed to sharing best practices, lessons learned, new technologies, and key insights we can put to work to reduce fraud and inspire consumer confidence.

As part of our ongoing efforts to share our expertise with the anti-fraud community, I’m proud to be an active partner of many educational associations worldwide, such as the CFCA, TRMA and the ACFE. In fact, I’m honored to be speaking once again this year at today’s Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Global Fraud Conference. For the occasion, I’ll be presenting How Biometrics Will Stop the Top 3 COVID-Influenced Fraud Schemes. The agenda is showcasing the work of many leaders in the business, and is packed with strategies and tools for individuals to take away and apply back at their own organizations.

If you’re a member of the large ACFE community of investigators, register here to attend the Conference and participate in this meaningful dialogue.

It’s in these spaces where we can have important conversations and collaborate with each other in the global fight against fraud.

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