Animal Communicator and Medium Nancy Mello Leverages Skills to Find Homes for Animals

Animal Communicator and Medium Nancy Mello Leverages Skills to Find Homes for Animals

MYSTIC, Conn., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Premier pet Psychic, animal intuitive, and pet medium Nancy Mello is finding the ideal homes for pets. In a bid to get them adopted, she is teaming up with rescue shelters from across the globe to feature animals on her social media.

Nancy proudly leverages the power of her dedicated social media following to bring awareness to the animals that have been in shelters and rescues for an extended period. With an Instagram tribe consisting of over 20k followers and a Tik Tok with over 38k followers and 1.2 million likes with an average of 50-100k views, Nancy is the perfect candidate to find these adorable animals brand new homes. A burgeoning start in the pet world, Nancy was recently featured in leading pet enthusiast publication Dogster Magazine.

But her contribution is not limited to a solid social media presence. She puts her skills to use and regularly provides free 45 second to 1 minute pet readings to her audience. From her reading, she gets an accurate grasp of where the pet would be happiest and the ideal home they would love to be placed in. Despite what many may believe, the pet’s feelings must also be considered during the adoption process. Nancy’s reading ensures that pets will be just as content in their homes as their new enamored owners.

While Nancy has always had her gifts, she never started out using them as a pet communicator. Initially, she extended her services to clients of the human variety until she was on a flight from Chicago one day and had an unexpected encounter with a persistent chihuahua. She was mentally drained from a long weekend of readings and was having no part in doing another one. Eventually, she relented when the little dog promised to get back to his life after she recorded his requests. He may have been her first, but he certainly wasn’t the last. Since that serendipitous plane ride, Nancy has had the opportunity to read hundreds of pets and leave her indelible mark on the lives of countless pet owners.

She has worked with Happy Paws Haven (Detroit), My Jerk Cats (Ontario), and Redemption Paws (Ontario) to aid in getting their long-standing residents into new families. Nancy is still seeking more shelters and rescue home partners for her project. All she requires of prospective organizations to participate is an Instagram and/or TikTok account. They need to provide a 45 to 60 second video, and they must inform her of any geographical barriers affecting the adoption.

For individuals who are already pet owners, Nancy offers free pet happiness and wellness consultations on Friday nights on Instagram at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST and TikTok at 8:30 pm EST/5:30 pm PST.

When Nancy is not busy finding pets great homes or locating missing ones, she is bridging the divide between this world and the next as a sought-after pet medium. In this capacity, she helps relieve worry, grief, and anxiety for pet owners who fear what their pets may go through or have gone through in death. Most importantly, she gets to sense the sheer joy of dying animals who are ready to let go knowing they have friends or other significant humans on the other side waiting for them.

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