Anfestier is Back - Antier Celebrated Meta-Christmas in 2022

NOTTINGHAM, England, Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The buzz around Antier’s first Anfestier event of Diwali celebration in the Metaverse has still not faded away, and it’s back with Christmas celebrations in the Metaverse. Antier provided an open invitation to everyone willing to join the celebration, regardless of the geographical location. This time, Antier received an overwhelming response from the global community.

The history of Anfestier dates back to 21st October 2022, when Antier surprised its employees by inviting them to join the Diwali celebration in the specially built Metaverse platform in which they were allowed to participate in different activities, and bursting firecrackers. Anfestier is an initiative that helps celebrate festivals in the immersive virtual world.

This time, the Christmas extravaganza remained super exciting with hundreds of avatars swarming inside the Metaverse party venue for Christmas, on the 21st and 22nd Dec 2022, right before the Christmas weekend. The attendees were allowed to choose avatars and personalize their looks.

According to Gracy Nayyar, Head of Research & Development at Antier, “In addition to global participation, Anfestier registered an average attendance of 30 minutes from every user which testifies to the stimulating response to the event. Not to miss, most of these participants revisited the metaspace at least twice to experience the avatar engagements.”

Here are some of the highlights that kept the participants engaged during the event:

  • There were exciting prizes and takeaways for hustle and competitions.
  • Virtual Christmas Carols.
  • A bundle of activities, like live music streaming, dancing, sleigh ride, Christmas tree decoration, Christmas Elf Bowling, Fireworks, and a Church Visit to Pray and pay Obeisance.
  • People met the very First Meta Santa and made personalized wishes.
  • Seamless Log-in, and no need for wallet integration.
  • It’s a global event that provides free access to registered people.
  • The Metaverse platform has the capability to adjust 1000 participants at a time.
  • Most excitingly, the participants can also use a web version that does not require a VR headset.

Fun & Enjoyment

The major center of attraction is the First Virtual Church in the Christmas Metaverse. People also loved joining the Candle Light ceremony as well as the pray to Jesus feature. Sleigh Ride remained the favorite among the young Meta attendees. It helped them to fulfill their childhood wish of sleighing through the snowy surroundings, which might not be possible in the real world.

Meta-Christmas helped the participants to enjoy a campfire with complete strangers inside the virtual world. The voice talk feature of the Metaverse helped to brew up the atmosphere and make it lively. The attendees enjoyed grabbing the firecrackers, bowling ball, and decorative items and using them as shown in the game manual. The Jackpot is yet another exciting feature that attracted many. The lucky winners of Meta-Christmas helped to earn goodies.

The Christmas feeling would have remained incomplete without the Make a Wish feature. The majority of attendees liked to personally experience Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer and make a wish just like the childhood times. Snow White atmosphere, colorful avatars, winter chills, and snow-clad mountains added an extra flair of a dreamy winter land Christmas straight out of novels.

People loved visiting an exclusive food booth to enjoy delicious delicacies in Metaverse. An exclusive stage setup helped to keep the attendees entertained, as they were making interesting dance moves and there were spectators too. The immersive experience included hand tracking, grabbing, and mimicking the moments of hands in real time while interacting with the game objects in the Metaverse.

Technological Aspects That Helped To Make The Metaverse Event Highly Successful

Antier created history by providing a multi-user web-based VR-compatible Christmas Metaverse experience for people living in different countries.

There are some interesting facts that helped the global community to enjoy the Anfestier event with great passion and enthusiasm. The proper use of oculus camera sensors was done by programming that helped to mimic the hand moments. Each finger of the hand is rigged bone to bone, which helps to track and simulate movements of the hand and fingers.

The attendees could use the oculus controllers to move around and explore the environment. The designing and development teams used mainly two software tools, namely, Blender and Unity. There are two different methods used for chatting. Voice chat was enabled with Agora Voice Chat, and for textual messaging, the techies at Antier used Photon Chat. The company used Photon Pun to integrate an online multiplayer feature in the Metaverse. Currently, the Metaverse can handle up to 1000 players. As the Metaverse is built in Webgl, it will require a minimum of 4GB RAM and a fast internet connection.

How Antier Tried To Evaluate Its Success?

As the company has a professional outlook, it allowed the Meta-Christmas attendees to provide feedback before leaving the platform. It helped the technologists to understand the experience of people and know how much they enjoyed celebrating Christmas in the Metaverse. The users were also allowed to interact with an NPC and explore NFTs.

Here’s the achievement score in general:

The number of people who registered themselves for this Anfestier: 25,035

The number of people who actually joined the celebration: 18,234

The number of people who left their feedback: 987

About Antier Solutions

Antier is a leader in blockchain and Metaverse technology. The tech team keeps on making innovations, and Anfestier best exemplifies their efforts. They are also helping global and local businesses to make the best use of the crypto-verse and enjoy frictionless money moments with greater security.

The Antier team specializes in handling DeFi, DAO, Web 3, NFTs, gaming, crypto wallets, crypto coins & tokens, and crypto banking niches. The company is helping tech enthusiasts to experience the use cases of Metaverse that will not help the corporate sector but also the entertainment and defense industries.

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