October 2022 sees Apostle introducing a new version of its software for brand ambassadors. At the same time, Apostle brings a renewed version of the existing coaching program. Both are aimed at Social Reach Optimization (SRO), a marketing category that boosts organizations’ social media reach by using brand ambassadors and solid content strategies. This unique combination of software and coaching has made implementation easy and accessible for both big company and SME company marketeers, as well as for Apostle’s implementation partners.

Reaching goals with brand ambassador software

OSS, the Netherlands, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –Apostle’s software allows marketers to activate brand ambassadors on social media.

“With this, the marketing department becomes the central point within the marketing organization,” says Koen Jordaans, Apostle’s founder and CEO. “This strategic approach boosts companies’ social media reach organically, resulting in reaching their goals for sales, HR, recruitment, and marketing much easier. Bonds with colleagues, retailers, franchise owners, customers, and other business partners will also experience this boost. “

Colleagues in managerial positions within the ambassador’s program also use Apostle’s software for creating, planning, and sharing social media content. The platform also aids in creating a clear content strategy and brings an uncluttered dashboard for statistical analysis. In addition, the software’s new version brings new high-end features based on continuous scientific research and AI technology. These will make content variety and smart planning easier for the user. Moreover, it’s made easier for the user to find inspiration for content.

Coaching based on behavioral science

Apostle’s associated coaching program has also seen a renewal. “In this case, we’re building on the experience we’ve gathered over the last ten years,” Koen says. “We’ve been able to help thousands of companies already, and have based our new coaching on scientific research on behavioral changes.” Apostle’s implementation partners can also offer this program to their customers. The coaching program will teach them everything about Social Reach Optimization (SRO) and activating brand ambassadors.

Organizations can easily divide their brand ambassadors into different roles based on function, level of knowledge, and content strategy. In three months’ time, customers complete the coaching program –  in which they learn how to set up an ambassadors program, start, evaluate and expand. Training consists of at least eight sessions, after which customers choose the sessions they need – to, for instance, introduce new brand ambassadors or to evaluate monthly results.

Worldwide coverage

The accessible software and e-learning programs allow companies worldwide to start an Apostle ambassadors program (for employees, retailers, franchise owners, and other business partners). Apostle will also be looking for new implementation partners worldwide next year. More information on this will follow in the second quarter of 2023.

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