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Best Black Friday mattress deals: Layla, Nectar, and more

Best Black Friday mattress deals: Layla, Nectar, and more

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

UPDATE: Nov. 26, 2021, 4:00 p.m. EST This story has been updated to include the latest mattress price drops and availability as of Nov. 26.

  • BEST FOAM MATTRESS DEAL: Tuft & Needle Original mattress, because two layers of foam and open-cell cooling technology is a great recipe for some Zs — $626.50 $895 (save $268.50)

  • BEST HYBRID MATTRESS DEAL: Layla Hybrid mattress, a six-layer mattress that’s flippable and should suit all types of sleepers (and comes with two pillows) — $1,499 $1,699 (save $200)

  • BEST BUNDLE DEAL: Leesa Preferred Bundle, one of the brand’s most popular models bundled together with a bed platform and a mattress protector — $2,078 $2,597 (save $519)

Black Friday may be a seasonal event, but sleep is year-round. Getting quality shut-eye should be a priority for all of us — it contributes to both our mental and physical health. Also, sleeping just rocks. If you haven’t allowed yourself to indulge in regular midday naps, we recommend making it a part of your routine.

Because we need to sleep and do it nightly, having a good mattress is a must. It’s one of the best investments you can make, so don’t be shy about splurging if you’re in the position to. Luckily, you might not have to splurge too much, because the Black Friday mattress sales are great this year.


The best Black Friday deals, all in one place

We’ve put together a list of the best Black Friday mattress deals from top brands like Leesa, Casper, and plenty more that you can shop during Cyber Week. We see a good night’s sleep in your future.

Black Friday foam mattress deals

Credit: Tuft & Needle

Why we like it

Tuft & Needle’s Original foam mattress is a great, affordable option for those getting their first “bed in a box.” It’s got two layers of comfortable foam, which are designed to contour to your body and relieve pressure points. The mattress is also equipped with a cooling gel that allows air to circulate and keep you from overheating while you rest.

Black Friday hybrid mattress deals

Layla Hybrid Mattress product photo

Credit: Layla Sleep

Why we like it

The Layla Hybrid mattress is like having a firm and soft mattress all in one. This is because you can actually flip it depending on your needs — one side is firm for those who need a little extra support, and the other is soft for added comfort. It’s a good choice for all types of sleepers.

Black Friday mattress bundle deals

Leesa Preffered Bundle product photo

Credit: Leesa

Why we like it

This bundle can be chosen with either the Leesa Original mattress, which has three layers of foam, or the Hybrid mattress, with both foam and spring layers. With it, you’ll get a bed platform as well as a mattress protector to guard against spills and stains.

More mattress deals by brand



  • Avocado Green mattress — $1,474 $1,599 (save $125 with code SAVEBIG)

  • Avocado Vegan mattress — $1,474 $1,599 (save $125 with code SAVEBIG)

  • Avocado Latex mattress$2,074 $2,199 (save $125 with code SAVEBIG)

  • Avocado Vegan Latex mattress — $2,074 $2,199 (save $125 with code SAVEBIG)

  • Avocado Organic Luxury Plush mattress — $4,699 $4,999 (save $300 with code BFBLISS)



Brooklyn Bedding




Layla Sleep




Nest Bedding

Pillow Cube


  • 25% off sitewide through Nov. 28

  • 2 Free Pillows with the purchase of an Mattress from Nov. 26 through Nov. 28


Tuft & Needle 



  • Zoma mattress — $799 $949 (save $150, get free pillows, sheets, comforter)

What size bed should you get?

Don’t play Goldilocks when you’re looking to buy a mattress. If you want to keep the same size bed, take measurements of your current mattress first, so you’re prepared to compare models. If a mattress has equivalent dimensions, you’ll know it’s the right fit. If not, skip it and consider your other options. You don’t want to waste time returning or exchanging an online mattress.

Consider how many people will be sleeping in the bed, too. If you share a bed with a partner or with pets, the bigger the better. With a smaller mattress, you might be woken up every time your significant other rolls over or gets up to use the bathroom. A bigger mattress will ensure you both have the room you need.

What to look for when buying a mattress online

Speak with your doctor first before choosing an online mattress if you’re concerned about any existing health issues. If you’re prone to joint pain, you’ll want to opt for a mattress that offers good body support. For overheating issues, choose a mattress with cooling technology. Concerned about your environmental impact? There are even eco-friendly mattresses to minimize your carbon footprint.

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