Best electric razors for tackling beards, facial hair, and beyond

Shopping for an electric razor can be a challenge. Do you opt for something small and precise, or something a little bigger with a built-in trimmer? Depending on what you plan to use your razor for, you’ll want to keep an eye out for your specific needs without getting caught up in novelty bells and whistles. If you’re still not entirely sure which electric razor is going to be right for your personal needs, you’ll want to read on. Below, we’ve read through tons of reviews to curate a handful of the highest quality electric razors on the market – from advanced precision trimmers to heavy-duty shaving devices.

How do I choose the best electric razor?

Choosing the right electric razor can seem like a daunting task — but once you drill down exactly what you need it becomes a lot more streamlined. Do you tend to trim or shave? Do you have long hair, a beard, or do you like to stay clean shaven? If you tend to do a little of everything the best option will be to pick up a shaver that comes with a trimmer attachment as this dual-purpose functionality will cover all your bases.

How much do electric razors cost?

The best electric razors on the market will run you around $100 — but you can easily snag one of the tried-and-true older models for about half that. A budget of about $70 will be more than enough to ensure the razor you select is of high quality and features a durable design.

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