Betr Announces Exclusive Media Partnership with The Cavinder Twins

The Cavinder Twins join the company as Equity Partners, Content Creators & Creative Directors and will bring their Twin Talk podcast exclusively to Betr Media, a division of Betr Holdings

MIAMI, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Betr Holdings, Inc., the company disrupting legacy gambling and legacy media, announced an exclusive partnership with Haley and Hanna Cavinder, who are known as The Cavinder Twins. As part of the agreement, The Cavinder Twins will join Betr as Equity Partners, Content Creators and Creative Directors and are bringing their popular podcast, Twin Talk, exclusively to Betr Media. With this move, The Cavinder Twins will be foundational on-camera talent for the company, creating female-centric sports content within Betr. The Cavinder Twins further diversify Betr’s growing talent roster with their experience-based perspectives on sports, and they will make regular appearances on Betr Media’s flagship franchise BS w/ Jake Paul as well as on other Betr Media content across all platforms.

Since Betr co-founders Jake Paul and Joey Levy launched Betr in August 2022, Betr Media has garnered a fast-growing and highly engaged audience passionate about sports and pop culture. Betr has already generated over 900 million impressions and 50 million engagements across its social channels, with the bulk of this audience consisting of sports fans in the 21-34-year-old age demographic.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Cavinder Twins, who have already accomplished so much and are just scratching the surface of their potential,” said Joey Levy, Betr Founder and CEO. “We are positioning Betr Media to become the #1 destination for emerging talent by providing a truly win-win proposition: Betr can and will leverage the rapidly growing Jake Paul and Betr Media audiences to make emerging talent even more famous than they already are, while also providing best-in-class content development, production, and media sales infrastructure — all while offering material cash and equity upside into Betr Holdings, which owns both Betr Media and Betr Gaming. Betr Media’s objective is to attract, enhance, and amplify the next wave of generational content creators, and this partnership is a testament to that approach. Our talent flywheel is continuing to get stronger, and we are just getting started.”

“Betr gives us the ability to accelerate the growth of The Cavinder Twins brand in a focused and truly authentic manner,” said The Cavinder Twins, Haley and Hanna. “We love sports, thrive on competition, and enjoy creating and bringing ideas to life. Betr truly makes The Cavinder Twins and our brand that much better and bigger.”

Following successful NCAA Division 1 basketball careers across the University of Miami and Fresno State and the growing popularity of The Cavinder Twins across social media, the two co-founded and launched the Twin Talk podcast on iHeartRadio in December 2022. Twin Talk will now join Betr’s highly successful roster of shows and brands, including BS w/ Jake Paul, 100x Club, Handshake Bets, Betr Combat w/ Bo Nickal, and Everybody Hates Derek, among others.

“The Betr Holdings empire presented a unique and diversified opportunity to continue to grow The Cavinder Twin brand,” said Jeff Hoffman, Partner ESM and The Cavinder Twins agent. “It’s like adding jet fuel to an already burning fire. With Betr’s media savvy, the explosion of female sports and Betr’s disruptive behavior in gambling, it became a question of how far can we go and where do we sign? As the Twins become equity partners and creative directors, this partnership with Betr provides a vested interest and ability to do what they do best: continue to define culture and content.”

“This is the definition of a true partnership where the parties will grow together over time,” said Darren Heitner, The Cavinder Twins attorney. “It is a perfect fit for the Twins to be a part of a quickly expanding media empire. A real win-win and a massive opportunity for Haley and Hanna to further their global reach after basketball.”

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About Betr

Founded in 2022 by Joey Levy and Jake Paul, Betr is the fastest growing sports betting media brand in the United States and the first microbetting-focused gaming company that is pioneering a new way for fans to engage with sports. Microbetting allows users to bet on individual plays and events – such as pass or rush on the next play in football or the outcome of the next pitch in baseball – rather than the outcome of a game. With its simple and intuitive user interface, Betr aims to solve a problem with traditional sportsbooks – a complicated and confusing user experience with numbers and odds that are uninterpretable to the mass market casual sports fan who has never bet on sports before – and that looks more like a spreadsheet than a consumer product intended to provide entertainment to customers. Since publicly launching its brand in August 2022, Betr has grown its aggregate following from 0 to over 1 million while generating over 900 million impressions, 800 million views, and 50 million engagements across its social channels.

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