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VANCOUVER, BC, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Several hundred thousand golf balls disappear from golf courses around the world each year. More often than not, they eventually find their way into our Oceans, Lakes, & Waterways. This is a bigger problem than the public realizes as these industry-standard balls, use toxic metals & synthetic materials to achieve their performance. Unfortunately, these balls break down into microplastics and contaminate our food chain & water supplies for thousands of years.

In 2016, while scuba diving on the coast of California Alex Weber discovered approximately 50,000 non-biodegradable golf balls off the coast of Pebble Beach. According to her research, she believes that there could be up to as many as five million lost golf balls in Pebble Beach’s Stillwater Cove area alone.

It’s hard to believe this absolutely stunning world-renowned coastline is hiding a completely preventable marine disaster in plain sight. We believe that future disasters could be completely eradicated with a simple switch in mindset.

Meet Biodegradable Golf Balls. A North American company that aspires to reduce the harmful impact that the golf industry has had on the environment. Aiming to maintain the same recreational activities without damaging our Earth’s beautiful oceans & waterways. Biodegradable Golf Balls distribute environmentally-friendly golf balls that naturally dissolve in water within just a few weeks. By offering a water-soluble golf ball substitute, we believe we can assist in the future of golf sustainability.

Utilizing a simple formula of ultra-compressed cornstarch and a PVA coating, these Water Soluble Golf Balls bring sustainability to recreation by producing golf balls that disintegrate back into harmless cornstarch once wet. At 80% performance compared to traditional non-biodegradable golf balls, this product is less suited for professional green use but perfect for guilt-free driving near bodies of water.

Whether it’s having fun on your ocean yacht, pitching from your lakeside property, or you’re just an advocate for the future of sustainable golf – Biodegradable Golf Balls has the greenest earth-conscious solution ideal for nature-advocate golfers everywhere!

Biodegradable Golf Balls was founded in 2020 with the ethos to bring sustainability and greener resolutions to recreational golfing.

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SOURCE Biodegradable Golf Canada Inc.

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