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Black Friday DNA test deals: Save $70 on 23andMe DNA kits

Black Friday DNA test deals: Save $70 on 23andMe DNA kits

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

Best 23andMe DNA test kit deals as of Oct. 25:

For the person who has everything, gift something unique this holiday season. A DNA kit is a fun way for a person to look at their health traits and family tree, and it’s a gift they can keep coming back to throughout the year and beyond.

There are a few big-name DNA tests out there, but as of Oct. 25, you can save $70 on kits from 23andMe specifically. During Prime Day and Black Friday 2020, we did see the base 23andMe kit go on sale for $99, so the price could drop even more this year, but if you want to get your shopping done early, snag it during this pre-Black Friday deal.

This kit includes everything you need to send a saliva sample to the 23andMe lab. You’ll get results in a couple of weeks, which will provide insight on how your genetics could play a part in your health. This test is supposed to let you know if you’re predisposed to certain conditions like diabetes or anemia — though it’s not a substitute for medical advice from a professional. It, of course, also shows you your ancestry composition and where your DNA is from.

Credit: 23andMe

In addition to ancestry and health information, this 23andMe DNA kit includes a one-year membership to give you even more information from your DNA. You’ll get at least 10 personalized reports delivered throughout the year to give an even deeper look at your genetic health.

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Credit: 23andMe

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