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Boost your iPad creativity with this stylus pen on sale for 68% off

Boost your iPad creativity with this stylus pen on sale for 68% off

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TL;DR: The Digipen stylus for iPads and tablets is just $31.99 at the Mashable Shop with code CMSAVE20 as of Dec. 2.

The stylus is one of those gadgets that will surely make your digital life easier, yet most people completely forget about. The Digipen should definitely be on your radar, though. Not only can it help boost your iPad creativity, but it’s also on sale for a steal. Still live for Cyber Monday, this model is a full 68% off when you enter code CMSAVE20 at checkout.

This Digipen is equipped with a 1.2 mm fine tip and has better durability than previous models. With a smaller tip and stronger base, you’ll experience higher sensitivity and pixel precision as you use it with your iPad or tablet. The best part about this stylus is that there’s absolutely no lagging or skipping when you touch the pen to the screen. It’s perfect for writing notes, drawing, sketching, or designing, since it’s as if you’re writing on real paper with absolutely no skips. Even better, you don’t have to use gloves when you use this stylus, thanks to the magnetic design and palm-rejection technology.

When you position the stylus at different angles, you can draw strokes of different thicknesses, so you’ll never be limited in what you can do with this device. The three power indicator lights let you know the power status clearly at all times. This stylus is cord-free and completely rechargeable. Just a single one-hour charge will give you up to 20 hours of drawing time, so you’ll never be chained to a power outlet. To turn it on or off, just press the simple one-touch switch.

The Digipen stylus for iPads and tablets typically goes for $99. But for a limited time, when you enter the Cyber Monday code CMSAVE20 at checkout, you can slash a total of 68% off, which means you’ll go home with this stylus for just $31.99.

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