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Boost your WiFi connection and keep your data safe with the Gryphon AX router

Boost your WiFi connection and keep your data safe with the Gryphon AX router

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: As of Dec. 16, get 30% off the Gryphon AX WiFi Router with the code GREEN20, which takes it down to $196 from $279.

Most people think the router that came from their internet provider is the only option for their home WiFi system. But most people are wrong. You can upgrade to a new router and improve your connectivity, speed, and security on the web. And for a limited time, an excellent option for all three of those improvements is on sale for 30% off.

The Gryphon AX WiFi Router is usually $279, but holiday savings have dropped the price to $196. Just be sure to use the coupon code GREEN20 at checkout to get the deal.

The Gryphon AX is the latest router release from the brand, and also the best it has to offer. It’s suitable for homes up to 3,000 square feet, but can be paired with another unit to cover up to 5,000. Each unit employs the Next Generation Mesh Wifi 6 technology as well. So, it can support all of your connected devices, from computers to smart TVs to smart home gadgets.

Additionally, and arguably more importantly, the Gryphon AX Router is equipped with robust security features, including malware filtering protection by ESET, daily security updates, ad reduction, and device scanning for IoT for vulnerabilities. Even Gryphon itself won’t collect your data, as they believe it’s your property and you should have control over it.

Gryphon is also known for its array of parental controls — and the AX router lives up to the reputation. You can set age-based filters for elementary vs high schoolers, set timers to limit screen time during specific times throughout the day, and rest easy knowing its CrowdRanking algorithm automatically blocks inappropriate websites. You can even suspend the internet for periods of time when screens are inappropriate.

If your router could use an upgrade, the Gryphon AX is a solid option — and since it’s 30% off for a limited time, it’s also a solid deal. Grab it now for $196 with the code GREEN20.

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