'Bossin' it in Pune: Recognizing the Best Bosses in Pune on thework.life with RJ Sangram's 'Assal Boss'

PUNE, India, May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — thework.life, the first-ever platform that allows people to rate and review their boss/manager and other colleagues on behavioral parameters, has launched a campaign to find the Best Bosses in Pune, Maharashtra, through the 4th season of RJ Sangram’s ‘Assal Boss‘ on 95 Big FM.

This campaign aims to highlight the positive impact of good managers on employee morale, job satisfaction, and overall performance. Users can create profiles of their managers and rate them on thework.life and stand a chance to be featured on Big FM and win rewards for the best reviews.

The founders of thework.life, Kunal Kashyap and Tina Abraham, felt the need gap of a colleague rating platform based on their decades of corporate experience. “We have noticed a blend of curiosity and anxiety among candidates contemplating a career switch, specifically in relation to their prospective Manager’s workplace behavior. The current platforms do not provide real or credible insights into our potential managers, and is a need being fulfilled by thework.life,” said Kunal, Co-Founder and CEO, thework.life.

Commenting on the campaign, RJ Sangarm said, “Assal Boss has a big listenership and the collaboration with a unique platform like thework.life will actually help give it a new twist and a different perspective. We invite employees, employers, and candidates alike to join us in our mission. Together, let us champion healthy work culture and good management practices.”

According to Tina, Co-Founder at thework.life, “Our platform is also not just about shedding light on the negatives; it is also about celebrating the successes and commendable practices of managers who truly make a difference. We empower individuals to choose workplaces where they can thrive and be supported by effective management.”

The campaign will run from 7th to 24th May 2023, and participants can submit their reviews on www.thework.life to nominate their managers as the ‘Assal Boss’.

Data-driven decision support

Research by MIT Sloan found that workers were 10.4 times more likely to leave their jobs on account of toxic work culture than on account of compensation. Mark Allen, PhD, and faculty of Management and Organizations at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, quotes a BBC article and his own research to show that a stressful work culture by bad managers has a major impact on employees’ lives, and can even cause death. Kathryn Shaw of Stanford University shows research that a good manager helps raise team productivity and lower attrition.

In addition, according to a survey conducted on LinkedIn, 76% of respondents were willing to pay to know about their potential manager’s behavioral feedback given by the manager’s past/current colleagues and subordinates.

“These collective statistics became a driving force for thework.life to meet the demands of a healthy work culture by allowing users to rate and review their managers and colleagues on behavioral parameters, providing valuable insights into their workplace behavior and management style,” Kunal said.

According to Tina, thework.life is committed to promoting healthy work culture and good management practices. By providing a platform for people to share their professional experiences, they help organizations address the issue of toxic work culture and toxic managers and enable potential candidates to make informed career decisions.

About thework.life

www.thework.life is a behavioral rating and review platform focusing on workplace behavior through rating and reviews given to people and companies. thework.life aims to allow professionals to make informed decisions while making a career switch. Office Diary Pvt Ltd owns and operates thework.life. It was founded in June 2021, and is based in Pune, India

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