BRAIN ON! A Guide for Optimizing Your Brain Released by Leading Authority on Human Performance and Workplace Well-being

CHICAGO, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading authority on human performance and workplace well-being, Deb Smolensky, shares her groundbreaking guide to upgrading the human brain in Brain On!: Mental Fitness Strategies for Sharpening Focus, Boosting Energy, and Winning the Workday. The book is on sale now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amplify Publishing, and more.

According to Smolensky, the single most important technology ever known is inside your head, all you have to do is train it…and she’s ready to teach us how.

In Brain On!, Smolensky serves as your coach to retrain your brain through mental fitness strategies that will help you navigate the ever-changing and uncertain world in which we work. As an award-winning, global well-being and engagement practice leader and advisor to numerous Fortune 500 companies, Smolensky knows that just as our muscles need a program to get stronger, our brains need exercises to be more creative, innovative, and healthy.

Leveraging decades of research and hands-on experience in the industry, Smolensky has provided a must-read for anyone looking to manage burnout, reduce stress, and live a life full of joy, engagement, and resilience.

The innovative “brain on” mentality coined by Smolensky rewires your mind to be more energized and alert, creating workforces and individuals that are mentally strong and built to last.

“We often underestimate the strength of the miraculous human brain,” writes Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author, “This book dives deep into the prefrontal cortex and reintroduces us with vigor and joy to what is possible when we use our heads with intention.”

Whether you are a proactive individual wanting to stay energized, efficient, and fulfilled, or an organizational leader looking to improve your team’s culture and environment, this is your guide to training your brain to win the obstacle course that is the workplace.

Brain On!: Mental Fitness Strategies for Sharpening Focus, Boosting Energy, and Winning the Workday is available now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Amplify Publishing. More information can be found at

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