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Buying ‘Elden Ring’ on Xbox? Grab a discounted gift card for a sneaky way to save.

Buying ‘Elden Ring’ on Xbox? Grab a discounted gift card for a sneaky way to save.

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

FREE MONEY ALERT: You can save 10% on Xbox e-gift cards through Dell by entering the coupon code GAME10 at checkout. Choose from multiple denominations between $5 and $100.

Want to buy a big new release, but don’t want to wait for it to go on sale? One of the easiest ways to life-hack your way into a deal on a hot new item is by snagging a discounted gift card. You can apply this money-saving tactic to almost any kind of product, from the latest sneaker drops to Apple devices — and yes, even video games.

Case in point: Anyone who’s in the market to save on an Xbox copy of Elden Ring (out now, finally) should grab an Xbox e-gift card from Dell. As of March 1, you could add one to your cart on its website and then enter the code GAME10 at checkout to get a lovely little 10% off your purchase.


‘Elden Ring’ is out, and so is this company for the day

You’ll be able to put that gift card toward any purchase on Xbox, Windows, or the online Microsoft Store, so even if you’re not up to the challenge of a FromSoftware title, it’s totally worth it. Take your pick from a gigantic library of video games, apps, movies, and TV shows, or refresh your Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold membership while you’re at it. The really nice thing is that Xbox gift cards never expire, so if you want to hold out for an Xbox Series X restock, you can even do that, too.

Choose from multiple denominations from $5 to $100. (Note: While Dell’s product pages list these as “Microsoft XBOX Live” gift cards, we’ve confirmed with Dell that they’re regular old Xbox gift cards that don’t necessarily have to go towards a Live subscription.)

Credit: Microsoft

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