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Calling all runners: This sleek Garmin GPS watch is on sale for under $100 at Walmart

Calling all runners: This sleek Garmin GPS watch is on sale for under $100 at Walmart

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SAVE $70.99: Normally $169.99, the Garmin Forerunner 35 is on sale at Walmart for just $99 as of July 9 — a 42% savings.

If you plan on putting on some miles this summer now that nature is (sort of) healing, don’t leave the house empty-handed… er, wristed.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is “as close to my ideal as I’ve found” as far as runner-friendly smartwatches go, says Mashable writer (and professional marathoner) Becky Firth. And get this: The last time we checked, it just so happened to be on sale at Walmart for a whopping 42% off.

As of July 9, you could order a Forerunner 35 from the big box store in Frost Blue or plain ol’ Black for a mere $99 — that’s just over $70 off its $169.99 list price on the Garmin website. (If you’d rather snag it in White or Limelight, a bright lime green, you could do so for $119 or $102, respectively. Hustle, though — quantities in those colors were limited at the time of writing.)

While the Forerunner 35 may not look all that fancy — it certainly can’t compete with something like the Apple Watch Series 6 as far as features and metrics go — “it actually does more than it seems at first glance,” says Firth. It’s extremely easy to navigate right out of the box, includes 24/7 heart rate monitoring with inactivity alerts, and covers all the variables you truly care about (from steps to calories, distance, sleep, and workout intensity). Pair it with your phone to further expand its functionality with notifications, music controls, and live tracking in case you decide to wander off the beaten path.

To top it all off, the Forerunner 35 boasts a battery life of up to *9 days* and a remarkably lightweight, comfortable fit. (Firth argues that the latter is its biggest selling point — you can read her full review here.)

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