Chai Research Declares March 13 to March 19 Engineer Your Own Chatbot Week

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Palo-Alto-Based Company Invites Content Creators, Public to Build Their Own AI Friends, Mentors, Characters and Assistants with Its Own Personality

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chai Research, a start-up that has developed an interactive chatbot platform serving more than 500 million messages a month, today announced the kick-off of National Engineer Your Own Chatbot Week for users to create their own custom AI bot with the intelligence of an 8-year-old human and the personality of a best friend.

Founder and CEO of Chai Research Will Beauchamp said National Engineer Your Own Chatbot Week, compliments the already-established National Science and Engineering Week (March 10-19) with the newest science and tech available on the AI front.

“When I moved into the AI space, everyone thought chatbots were boring—so we built one that was entertaining,” Beauchamp said. “We wanted the bots to be fun, not just functional. And people ended up loving them because the bots had personalities.”

Beauchamp said Chai Research’s chatbots are different because they are truly conversational.

“While some bots respond to queries with ‘I’m not allowed to answer that,’ Chai’s chatbots have no topic limitations,” Beauchamp said. “No one wants to feel like they are having a conversation with a machine. Users want their interactions and connections to be meaningful, even with chatbots.” 

Beauchamp said the bots get to know users in the same way Google or YouTube does, so in the future, instead of going to those platforms, users would just ask their own personal chatbot for search results. 

Creators and the public can engineer their own Chai chatbot by downloading the Chai app to a smartphone and following prompts.

About Chai Research: 

Chai Research is a start-up tech and AI firm based in Palo Alto, California that is changing the way chatbots converse with people. With more than 100,000 daily users and 500 million monthly messages, Chai Research’s interactive mobile chatbot app platform allows users to engage with a powerful new class of machine learning models capable of writing, drawing and creating with credible, sometimes superhuman results. Learn more about Chai Research at, or visit Chai Research on WhatsApp and Linkedin

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