Kimberly Manning discovered her heart for service. (Courtesy photo)

Kimberly Manning is a financial strategist, author and speaker. She’s spent well over 20 years in corporate America with numerous awards and accolades on her path to success. That was the corporate side of Manning’s evolution; however, her personal life was quite different. Often being called “Nurse Betty,” she had become the private chauffeur for doctors’ appointments for her grandmother’s friends, part-time chef, caretaker, part-time financial consultant and a college funding source. Following a long conversation with a college friend, she had her “AHA moment;” that servitude was not only her passion, but it sparked her professional awakening. As she evolved in the financial arena, she realized the lack of education being offered to strategically assist families in creating wealth, long-term care, business succession planning, college funding and balance retirement. Recognizing the missing component, Ms. Manning has developed a client-centered model that supports and meets the needs of her clients. Kimberly’s client base is predominantly professional women, business owners, executives, and soon to be retirees or retired woman looking to create and preserve wealth. In 2021, Ms. Manning took a leap of faith and pinned her first book Wealthy Women Chat and Chew 7 Strategies you did not learn at the kitchen table or the board room to create and preserve wealth.

To find out more about this book she calls “riveting, powerful, and mind-changing,” join her at the Hyatt Regency, 300 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 on May 15, 2021, 2-6 pm for a book-signing. It’s both in-person and virtual and will celebrate dynamic women who have overcome challenges and redefined their wealthy place. The in-person (COVID-safe) investment is $65 which includes a rooftop experience (weather permitting) autographed book, networking, appetizers, finance games, prizes, and fun.  The virtual investment is $45 which includes the book, finance games, prizes, and fun.

Visit or call 1.800.518.6906 to secure your spot.    

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