Coco, the remotely-piloted delivery service, deploys remote operation connectivity platform from

Coco, the remotely-piloted delivery service, deploys remote operation connectivity platform from

LOS ANGELES and RAANANA, Israel, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coco, the robot-based delivery service company, and, developer of a superior software-based connectivity platform for robots and autonomous vehicle teleoperation, announced today that DriveU’s platform has been deployed on Coco’s already-operational delivery robot fleet and will be deployed with the new Coco 1 robots.

DriveU has been selected by Coco Delivery to provide its connectivity platform for its current and next generation delivery robots. The software solution integrates into the existing robot platform to provide high quality video with low latency. A key component in the solution is the cloud-based architecture, which enables scaling up to a large number of robots.

Coco is currently deploying its next generation COCO 1 robots to serve local merchants in multiple cities. With its increased carrying capacity, the COCO 1 will deliver larger orders for a wider range of merchants, further eliminating the need for car-based delivery. DriveU’s industry-leading connectivity platform is enabling the remote operation of Coco’s delivery robot fleet, securing a superior customer experience.

Delivery robots have seen massive growth, addressing an ever-growing customer demand for rapid deliveries from restaurants and other merchants. The Coco robots are now being operated by skilled remote operators who drive them using DriveU’s software-based connectivity platform.

Communication between the moving robots and the remote operator is done via public cellular networks, which can be highly unstable and unpredictable. For remote operation to be safe and effective, consistent high quality video connectivity with low latency is required. When connectivity isn’t stable, video quality suffers and latency increases, which is unacceptable while remotely operating. 

DriveU’s software-based connectivity platform has been in use by Autonomous Vehicle developers (cars, trucks and shuttles), OEMs, Tier 1s, and developers of delivery robots in multiple geographies and use cases. DriveU is now deploying its platform on Coco’s rapidly growing robot fleet, to ensure superior and reliable delivery from a continuously growing number of merchants.

“Integrating a superior connectivity solution on delivery robots dictates extremely demanding power and compute parameters,” said Sahil Sharma, COO of Coco. “Having evaluated the industry leaders in this space we found DriveU’s solution to be the strongest match for our growth plans and aggressive delivery schedules. We look forward to growing this partnership as Coco’s growth accelerates and our footprint scales.”

“DriveU’s business is experiencing accelerated growth these past months, with rapid progress seen especially in the robotics space,” said Alon Podhurst, CEO of “Coco is a leader in the delivery robot market, with its tenacious focus on bringing superior value and an unbeatable customer experience to the merchants in its growing network. We are honored to have been selected by a market leader in the robotic delivery space and look forward to many years of jointly driven partnership and growth.”


At Coco, we’re dedicated to perfecting the last-mile delivery experience by using remotely operated vehicles. We strongly believe the delivery service industry in its current state is massively under-serving merchants, and we are committed to creating a frictionless, reliable, consistent, and sustainable delivery experience for merchants and their customers in cities everywhere.

ABOUT DRIVEU.AUTO developed and is deploying a software-based connectivity platform for teleoperation of robots and autonomous vehicles.

The solution enables both remote driving (direct drive) or high-level commands (remote assistance), at very low latency and high reliability. The solution uses proprietary cellular bonding and dynamic video encoding technologies.’s customers include robot manufacturers, Autonomous Vehicle providers (cars, trucks and shuttles), OEMs, and Tier 1s, all of whom have been using the platform on roads in the EU, US, China, Japan and Israel. For more information: info[at]

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