Companies to adopt tools like AI-powered Virtual Assistant



Change is inevitable, and it offers immense opportunity to develop new and innovative things.

Now, most individuals and enterprises are shifting from a touch user interface to a new-age voice command (intelligent digital and virtual assistant).

The time virtual assistants came into existence, they (virtual personal assistants) are limited to personal use. With the rapid rise of the digital revolution, they made their way into small-scale, large-scale enterprises.

By 2025, each enterprise will use at least one form AI-powered virtual assistant In his works.

Knowing its importance, a large number of organizations and individuals are accustomed to using smart speakers and virtual assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Google Home). Its market is also manifold.

According to Tractica’s research, 1.8 billion will be intelligent Virtual Assistant AI users worldwide by 2021.

The number of virtual assistants is increasing worldwide as people prefer to use voice instead of typing.

57% of people prefer to speak with their digital assistant, and 34% of users prefer to type and speak.

Over the years, virtual assistant technology entered every industry for mainstream interaction. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are using virtual assistant services to solve their real-time problems.

Only the largest enterprises opted for virtual assistants, but now every organization (from start-ups to large-scale enterprises) adopted virtual assistive technology.

According to PWC’s research report, by 2030, AI will contribute $ 15.7 trillion to the global economy.

I think most of you are now thinking about how much virtual assistants are benefiting to benefit enterprises?

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To learn in detail information about AI-powered virtual assistants.

In this blog, you get information about the benefits provided by virtual assistants to enterprises.

Virtual assistants act as human-like agents to streamline processes and ensure that business and customer activities run without interference.

In an enterprise, freeing your organizational staff by virtual assistants takes hundreds of processes and is also used to solve complex problems with the help of natural language processing, NLU, speech recognition, and machine learning.

Now, let’s look at five different ways.

Sales growth

Increasing sales of an enterprise is one of the most difficult challenges, and requires a predetermined approach that is applied consistently and followed.

Every customer looks forward to proper customer relationship management which is quickly responsive.

According to Gartner, 85% of customer relationships are managed by intelligent assistants by 2020.

Here, virtual assistants help you manage your upcoming and existing leads. Using AI-powered voice assistants can save us time, increase retention rates and lead generation which leads to increased revenue for a company.

Product tracking

Customers started expecting more from ecommerce enterprises rather than others. The company will receive a significant amount of requests from customers to learn about their product purchase orders, delivery and sometimes returns.

To solve these issues, eCommerce companies are going with virtual assistants in addition to recruiting new employees.

These tracking assistants will send you every moment made by the product such as the delivery time and date from the vendor. These assistants notify you when you are in the withdrawal process.

It saves costs, increases sales and revenue for the company, and makes the customer process easier by improving the user experience.

Increased focus on core organizational functions

Every enterprise and entrepreneur spends various monotonous administrative support tasks such as calendar scheduling, taking notes, scheduling appointments, writing emails and much more.

Due to which the main functions of enterprises are in focus which leads to a decrease in productivity in workplace / office space.

Hiring employees to do these tasks can leave a lot of money out of your chest of funds. AI-powered virtual assistant / administrative assistant is the perfect replacement of human resources for routine work.

It increases workplace productivity and reduces labor costs for enterprises.

Handling bank operations

Money is valuable to both customers and enterprises. We have become accustomed to knowing 24/7 information about our payments and financial accounts to find out bank balances, recent transactions, loan applicability, credit card approvals, and many more.

There is no guarantee of obtaining approval for a loan or credit even if a customer needs to spend hours and days.

With the development of Banking and financial assistant, Can check every banking information from their home or office which saves a lot of time and energy for the user.

It helps banks to retain valuable customers with their banks.

Live chat customer support to handle complaints

Most businesses require real-time live customer support on their website or mobile app to handle customer complaints.

Complaints are common in the service industry, and what matters is how enterprises are handling them, no matter how unfair their claims are.

This is where AI-based virtual assistant 24/7 is beneficial for both customers and enterprises.

Live Chat will resolve issues without the intervention of a human agent by providing a virtual assistant FAQ and information page or guide.

These are various virtual assistant benefits for enterprises that help them grow in the market by controlling costs.

Virtual assistants will increase revenue and improve customer relationships by improving response times.

Very soon, we are moving towards a new world, where everything is controlled by voice. AI subsidiaries are promoting change in various industries, mainly in retail and eCommerce.

Enterprises need to understand their employees that virtual assistants are there to help their employees and not to replace them.

By 2030, companies that adopt AI tools in their enterprises will double their cash flow, and companies that do not adopt will see a 20% drop in their cash flow compared to current levels.

Therefore, think twice before committing.

Still, you have time to adapt, and you can be a game-changer for your field or industry.


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