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Connect one of these external monitors to your laptop for seamless on-the-go productivity

Connect one of these external monitors to your laptop for seamless on-the-go productivity

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An external monitor can certainly give your productivity a boost when you’re at your desk, but what happens when you leave your home office and want to work on the go? That’s where a portable monitor really shines.

While portable monitors have been around for a few years, the technology has really improved recently. Not only are these gems thin and light enough to carry with you, but they also attach seamlessly to your existing setup without needing an outlet. Here are a baker’s dozen external monitors that’ll serve as a perfect companion for that nomad life. They’re even on sale for a limited time.

The Mobile Pixels TRIO instantly turns your 13-inch to 14-inch laptop into a dual-screen workspace with an easy plug-and-play USB cable. Light and compact with adjustable viewing, it’s the perfect companion for working remotely. Use the code SCREEN44 to get this Indiegogo-funded dual-screen monitor setup for just $219.99 (regularly $259).

Credit: Mobile Pixels

Ideal for bigger laptops, between 15 and 15.6 inches, the TRIO MAX also adds an extra screen to your setup. It only needs a single cable for both power and data, and it’s compatible with Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Windows devices. Enter the code SCREEN49 at checkout and get it for only $219.99 (regularly $359) for a limited time.

Laptop with dual screen monitor display of mountains

Credit: Mobile Pixels

This standalone portable monitor option lets you view the content on your phone on a bigger screen. It can also connect to your laptop in duplicate mode, extend mode, or second screen mode. Plus, it offers multiple connectivity options and has its own built-in speakers. Get it for $204.99 (regularly $219) for a limited time.

Foldable monitor displaying city nightscape

Credit: Uperfect Monitor

If you work with video or photo content, this 15.6-inch display with 4K resolution is your best bet for on-the-go editing. It supports 100 percent of the sRGB spectrum and every detail looks incredibly accurate. Duplicate, extend, or project a second screen with the UPERFECT 4K Monitor for just $289.99 (regularly $339) for a limited time.

Foldable monitor displaying woman's face in neon paint

Credit: Uperfect Monitor

Another high-resolution 4K monitor option, this one from UPERFECT essentially becomes a touchscreen tablet for working on the go. Project your phone screen onto its 15.6-inch display and enjoy a larger workspace with low blue light output and a 178-degree viewing angle. It’s usually $489, but you can get it on sale for $469 for a limited time.

Foldable monitor displaying paint

Credit: Uperfect Monitor

If you don’t work with photos, videos, or high-resolution graphics and want to save a few bucks, this portable monitor also offers a 15.6-inch touchscreen display for extending, duplicating, or projecting a second screen. It still features a full HD 1080p resolution and is equipped with a mini HD and USB-C port. It’s typically $399, but you can get it on sale for just $339.99.

Foldable monitor displaying woman with rainbow hair

Credit: Uperfect Monitor

This 15.6-inch full HD monitor works double duty as a second screen for your phone or laptop and a power bank reserve to charge your phone. With a 10,800mAh battery, eye care protection, and multiple connectivity options, this portable monitor is a real workhorse. Get it for $289.99 (regularly $339) for a limited time.

Portable monitor displaying abstract colors

Credit: Uperfect Monitor

Perfect for pairing with your 13-inch MacBook or pretty much any other device with its full-featured port compatibility, this 13.3-inch portable monitor can boost your productivity at home or on the go. It features a 1080p FHD display, 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles, and dual speakers for stereo output. Get it on sale for just $199 (regularly $229) for a limited time.

Foldable screen displaying a house

Credit: Uperfect Monitor

One of the more affordable in the bunch, this 15.6-inch portable monitor features a full HD 1080p IPS screen with reduced blue light, a three-in-one function type-C interface, and built-in 360-degree speakers. It’s regularly $309, but you can snag it on sale for just $199.

Foldable screen displaying paint

Credit: Uperfect Monitor

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the DUEX Lite is a slim, portable, dual-screen accessory that connects magnetically to the back of any laptop. Its 12.5-inch display is equipped with an eye care mode and a versatile sliding lid that doubles as a protective cover for your laptop on the go. Use the code DUEXLITE at checkout and slash the $314 price tag down to $229 for a limited time.

Laptop with dual display monitor

Credit: Mobile Pixels

This 10.1-inch portable touchscreen monitor can be connected to a phone or computer to boost productivity or mounted to a Raspberry Pi for an all-in-one gadget with 10-point touch, touch rotation, built-in case, fan, and stand. It’s usually $199, but you can snag it on sale for $169.99.

Standalone monitor displaying cartoon raspberry

Credit: Uperfect Monitor

This portable Ofiyaa display instantly doubles the size of your workstation, giving you the option to view the same or different content on the 11.6-inch dual screen. All you have to do is attach it to the back of your 13-inch to 16-inch laptop and plug it in via USB-C. Get it on sale for $249.99 (regularly $299).

Laptop with attached monitor

Credit: Ofiyaa

A Red Dot winner in 2021, this ultra-slim, full HD monitor from Espresso is possibly the best dual-screen accessory for Mac users. It comes with a touch software that transforms your current device into an intuitive touchscreen, giving you more from your Mac and Espresso display. Get the sleek 1090p display, a flip case, the MountGo, and the touchscreen software on sale for $456 (regularly $506) for a limited time.

Three flat monitors

Credit: Espresso

Prices subject to change.

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