Coronavirus crisis meets Anxiety: How to cope?

I am most definitely not going to lie, the
Coronavirus has been raising my anxiety levels the
last few days.

But hey, theirs nothing we can do to control
it, but we can definitely help from spreading it.

I won’t all my readers and everyone else out there to be safe
and please take all of the advises precautions.
Take extremely care of yourself during this worldwide crisis.

I truly know that like myself, and others that
struggle with anxiety, the news got me feeling
even more ANXIOUS day by day. The reason why
I say this
is because this virus
is spreading and
isn’t really any

Of course I know this article might not help 100%, but in the
meantime here are some affirmations to help your anxiety
and also help with coping!

•I am capable of solving any problems that face

•Stress might make me feel weary, but I am in charge
of my mind and body.

•I will be OK.

•At this moment, I choose to feel calm and

•I choose to fill my mind with positive and healing

•Worry doesn’t do me any justice, I
just choose to leave it behind

•If I can’t control it, I let it go.

•I am attracting positive energy into my

•I am safe and in control.

•I am capable of solving any problems that face

I am strong I am

Anything that weighs me down, I am
free of it.

•I am safe, I am in control, I am

•My body is capable.

•Their is nothing to be fear about, because faith will
always rely in my soul.

Please stay safe and follow all of the advisories, watch the
news, check on friends & family by phone, and I hope you are
able to find some relief from worry, fear, stress, & anxiety

I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to
help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to
give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips,
and advise them on getting better. You have permission to
screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation &
healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to
read & observe. Thanks!

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