CroxSwap – The First Dual-Farming Protocol on Binance Smart Chain launches Gigantic CROXMAS Pool Party

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — is excited to announce the CROXMAS staking event this Christmas. Croxswap is a fully decentralized next generation dual-farming and staking protocol that is developed to solve a liquidity problem for every other DeFi project. CroxSwap was a brainchild of founders with an idea of creating a sophisticated cross-chain swap protocol that eliminates multiple steps while transferring your assets from one blockchain to another.

CroxSwap offers Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) and Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) with no extra cost for project owners to launch their liquidity farms. With our innovative dual-farming users can earn two tokens by staking one LP token. It helps in recovering their impermanent loss faster.

“Croxswap is solving the missing piece of a puzzle in DeFi by providing a no cost service to create liquidity mining farms. Our platform helped many startups with zero liquidity to gain tradable liquidity with less price impact using our innovative dual farms” says Jesse, Co-Founder of

This Next-Gen yield farming protocol supports all LP types from all DEXs. With our massive staking event CROXMAS Pool Party from 24th December till 2nd January 2022 users will get 24 new single staking pools and one Grand pool to earn 15 different types of tokens at once.

Upcoming features

“The X-Pad” – A multi-chain launchpad, which is a unique decentralized ICO model where we launch new projects with great utilities. Our first ICO project that is lined up to go live soon.

CROX NFTs – These are 200 unique Non-Fungible Tokens designed by an artist with a theme focused on yield farmers around the world. They are all hand drawn individually and not generated automatically by a program. We are connecting the yield farmers around the world within DeFi space. Our NFTs will represent farmers from 195 countries. Each NFT will represent one country. By owning these NFTs you can upgrade your privileges during ICO sales on X-Pad and gain access to exclusive high yield APR pools.

Cross-Chain Bridge – Most awaited feature is around the corner. Crox Bridge will be a unique interoperability feature to cross-swap protocol your assets from one chain to another chain seamlessly with affordable gas price and faster transaction speed. You don’t have to hold a gas token on both sides of the chain to transfer your assets.

CroxSwap is excited for upcoming Bridge and CROXMAS Pool Party.

Media Contact

Jesse, CroxSwap Exchange, 1 9093149721, [email protected]



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