Dable Partners with Matichon Group to Boost Monetization across news sites

Dable Partners with Matichon Group to Boost Monetization across news sites

BANGKOK, Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dable, the world’s leading content discovery and native advertising platform, has partnered with Matichon Public Company Limited, a renowned media company in Thailand. Through this partnership Dable will increase the user engagement as well as boost the monetization of news sites that belong to Matichon group’s network via Dable’s personalized recommendation technology.

Matichon group is one of the largest companies operating the most influential publishers in Thailand. The group serves more than 91 million page views per month to its Thai audience, and publishes newspapers like Khaosod Daily, Matichon Daily, Prachachart Business, Matichon Weekly, Sentangsedtee, Silpa-mag, and Technology Chaoban.

“Partnering with the Matichon group is a significant achievement for Dable. It has not only expanded our premium network, but also reflects Dable’s advancement in both Thailand and the global markets,” said Chaehyun Lee, Dable’s CEO. “I am confident that this partnership will bring good results. With Dable’s personalized recommendation technology creating a valuable experience, readers seek to consume quality content on Matichon group’s subsidiary sites, increasing page views and dwell time on each site.”

Furthermore Dable Native Ad generates additional revenue for publishers while maintaining the user’s experience, by displaying ads that blend in with the organic content of the website. It shows high performance by exposing ads that are based on the visitor’s interests such as showing airline ticket ads while the visitor is reading travel articles.

“We look forward to providing personalized content that engages our readers and caters to their needs through Dable’s solution.” said Aree Lekhanon, Acting Director of the Matichon Group. “We also hope to expand Matichon’s influence in the media market through various insights and data provided by Dable”.

Dable recently entered Thailand and is making headway by partnering with more than 20 top performing sites including Matichon Group, Thairath, Dek-d, AmarinTV, and Siamdara.

About Dable

Dable is the world’s leading content discovery and native advertising platform. Dable analyzes the interests of website visitors by using world-class big data processing and personalization technologies. It recommends personalized content and ads that visitors may find interesting. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Seoul, Dable is partnered with over 3,000 premium media worldwide including South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, mainland China and Australia. For more detailed information about Dable, visit .


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