DAHON Shines at Bici Expo México, Capturing Attention with Its Cutting-edge Folding E-Bikes

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 23, 2023 /CNW/ — Bici Expo México, the premier professional bicycle exhibition in the region, took place from October 13th to 15th, 2023 at Mexico World Trade Center. Among the exhibitors, DAHON, the renowned folding bike global leader, captivated the attention of participants with its latest range of innovative folding bikes and e-bikes.

DAHON’s booth, located at booth 154, showcased the company’s lightweight folding e-bikes and high-quality folding bikes, catering to the diverse needs of the international market and garnering accolades from enthusiasts, suppliers, distributors, and consumers alike.


One of the highlights of DAHON’s showcase was the UNIO E20, a high-performance folding electric bike designed for the modern, eco-conscious commuter. Amidst global oil price hikes and a unified push towards sustainable urban mobility, the E-Bike category is garnering international acclaims. Aligning with these global trends, UNIO E20 could offer a smart option for consumers.

The UNIO E20 boasts a DELTECH cable, a 36V 200W mid-drive motor, and a 36V-9.5Ah Samsung lithium battery. Its acceleration, power, and range are all commendable, and the eco-friendly, low-emission features resonate strongly with the environmentally mindful.


Another standout model was the K-ONE, a folding e-bike equipped with a contact-type torque sensor, capable of real-time sensing of the cyclist’s pedaling torque and cadence, generating electric assistance proportional to the pedaling power. Employing DELTECH technology, the frame transforms into a stable triangular structure, enhancing the overall rigidity of the bike and delivering a significant leap in performance.


The MARINER D8, which earned accolades in the New York Times as the best folding bike, was also showcased at the event. Praised for being “comfortable to ride”, “folds and unfolds quickly”, and “good-quality”, MARINER D8 stands as the ideal companion for daily commuting among cycling enthusiasts and garnered attention from cycling enthusiasts.


Embodying a “British classic look,” the BOARDWALK D7, DAHON’s latest folding bike, offered two wheel size options (16” and 20”). With distinctive design and outstanding performance, it is a top pick for urban excursions and city commuting.

DAHON’s top-tier, high-performance folding bike offerings have attracted widespread attention and garnered endorsement from an array of global bicycle makers and industry experts. The booth was abuzz with many engaging discussions, as numerous customers contemplated potential partnerships with DAHON’s international team.

With a rich history spanning over forty years, DAHON continues to ascend with its advanced technology, excellent services, and visionary development strategies. Its folding bike products have successfully penetrated markets across Europe, America, and Africa, garnering high praise from patrons worldwide.

Looking ahead, DAHON remains committed to the research and innovation of folding bike technology, accelerate the pace of product evolution, and offering global consumers with safer, higher-performing, and more experiential folding bikes and eco-friendly transit solutions. DAHON aims to deepen its customer collaboration and pioneer the innovative development of the folding bike industry.

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