Decentralized Mateverse Social Startup BOOM Fund $1 Million to Support Creators whilst the Launch IOS and Android App

Decentralized Mateverse Social Startup BOOM Fund $1 Million to Support Creators whilst the Launch IOS and Android App

SINGAPORE, Dec. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BOOM, a decentralized crypto native community platform focused on NFT+Social announced the launch of IOS and Android App on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2021. Registered in Miami, Florida, the company was founded by a group of cyberpunk enthusiasts spreading across US, France, Sweden, UK, Germany and Malaysia. The founding members of BOOM have different backgrounds but came together voluntarily out of common interests and vision.

Social +NFT

Boom is the social platform for the next stage in the decentralized revolution. Utilizing the power of NFTs, users on Boom can gather opinions and information in a public or subscription channel. Creators can also set-up a private channel and manage their followers using platform generic tools.

The platform aims to create a space for users to share their knowledge of certain topics – from in-depth analytical content, refined fragmented thread to entertainment; users can collaborate with a group of similar-minded individuals to innovate and bring new ideas. These product features are set to align with the BOOM DNA of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Users at BOOM are in complete control of their crypto and NFT assets at all times, through decentralized wallets BOOM supports, users can display their assets as they wish and along with product iteration, users can tip, pay subscription fees through crypto tokens and NFTs.

1 Million USD Fund for Content Creators

Along with the launch of BOOM IOS and Android launch, the Boom development team looks to begin bringing key opinion leaders, community influencers, studios onto the platform. With the first generation of influencer under preparation, more promotional events will be organized to attract additional users and organically grow the platform’s reach and popularity.

The BOOM Creator Fund is an initiative that supports contributors to join Boom and creates value for this community. Influencer, creator, studio must meet certain criteria to be eligible to share the fund.   

Aside from a growing community, there is much, much more rich functionality to come, with Boom set to be the next biggest thing in the decentralized revolution. Social+NFT will be the next greatest trend towards establishing a Metaverse, and Boom is spearheading the movement.

About BOOM

Boom is a key player in the emerging Social+NFT revolution that will form an important pillar of the incoming metaverse. As a decentralized Social+NFTplatform, Boom allows users to interact with and meaningfully support key opinion leaders around the world whilst earning rewards.

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