Died Suddenly News Finds New, Uncancelable Home

Died Suddenly News / Tiago Henriques

Community frequently targeted by Big Tech joins Parler

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Parler, the leading viewpoint-neutral, free expression social media platform, today welcomes controversial social community, Died Suddenly News. Founded by AI Programmer Tiago Henriques, Died Suddenly News discusses Covid-19 vaccines and their potential side effects. The group has faced cancelation by Big Tech, most recently deplatformed by Facebook.

“We welcome Tiago Henriques and his courageous community to a place where they won’t be silenced,” says Parler CEO George Farmer. “Big Tech proves again how badly it wants to control the narrative, disallowing people to talk about their health and the deaths of loved ones.”

Henriques says he started the initial Facebook group, which grew to more than 300,000 members before being shut down, to give people a place to discuss concerns and share their stories. A second group reached 170,000 members before it was removed.

The group’s founder said Big Tech wasn’t specific as to why the groups were forcibly closed.

“They didn’t say we’ll get back to you in seven days. You have a right to appeal. Nothing. Zero. It’s just one line. You violated the terms of service of the Facebook community and that’s it.”

Henriques says he opted to move the community to Parler so its members won’t have to speak in code, using unrelated emoji to circumvent Big Tech’s censoring algorithms.

“I think it’s important that platforms like Parler exist,” Henriques explains. “It’s incredible how much Big Tech is trying to hide all this.”

To share stories directly with the community, users can include the hashtag #DiedSuddenlyNews and tag @TiagoHenriques in parleys. Henriques will be posting stories regularly, allowing others to comment.

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