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Jo Scard discusses what breaking through in a fatigued climate will look like for not for profits and purpose-driven brands in 2021.

You have heard it before – we are living in unprecedented times. We find ourselves in a strange, challenging, extraordinary and uncertain media playground. Now, more than ever, brands have to find a voice that stands out from everyone else trying to be heard in a chaotic COVID-19 climate.

Not for profits and for-purpose organisations know more than anyone that it is an extremely tough time to get the attention of those you need. The media is overflowing with pandemic related news stories and our audiences are growing increasingly fatigued.

However, there are some simple ways to ensure that you aren’t drowned out by the COVID clutter and that your audiences are actively engaging with your work. 

As we prepare for 2021, it is time to break the shackles and get creative to make your communications cut-through. So how do we do it? 

Don’t ditch the clichés but offer something unique

There seems to be a consensus that we need to be completely unique in all of our media pitching and press releases. It’s simply not the case – we just need to be clever about what we circulate and who we circulate it to. Media outlets are always drowning in the same stories. It’s up to you to use this to your advantage.

Take a story and add your own twist. Make use of an existing narrative, offer new research, a brand-new perspective or a concept that someone is yet to touch on as a sure way to get your organisation landed on the front page. 

Pitch hard and pitch relentlessly

It’s time to reject the idea that you cannot keep pitching to the same media outlets or the same members of parliament. Persistence truly does pay off and an important part of every media or government pitch is ensuring that you are, at the very least, on their radar. 

Keep up conversations, follow up on emails and bring yourself to the top of inboxes regularly so that you are heard. It is definitely a cluttered climate at the moment, so tenacity will be rewarded on the public relations and government stakeholder front.

Social media isn’t an instant fix 

A lot of brands, particularly those in the for-good space, are under the impression that social media posting is a fix-all but it truly isn’t the case. In order to be heard, seen and actively engaged with, you need to spread yourself across a variety of platforms and channels.

This means consistently engaging press releases, looking for meaningful partnerships with value-aligned organisations and platforms, offering interviews, circulating case studies and looking for PR opportunities that break the mould. Look beyond your social feeds and engage a multi-dimensional approach to your strategy.

If you want help to navigate government, come up with a winning engagement strategy or assistance with a strategic communications strategy or PR outreach, get in touch with Jo Scard at Fifty Acres on 02 6281 7350 or visit 

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