Dripp Extracts Launches "Being" Campaign With First Feature Antonio Brown

Dripp Extracts Launches "Being" Campaign With First Feature Antonio Brown

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dripp Extracts, a privately held California based cannabis extract brand, announced today the launch of their lifestyle campaign “Being”. “Being” is a creative campaign which will showcase a variety of individuals who use creative outlets to fuel their souls who reflect the values of Dripp. The campaign is set to run for several months, highlighting a new person every two weeks via interview footage, photography and videography. The content will be shared via the company’s website and on their social media channels, including their official campaign website, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

“We are so excited to begin the launch of “Being” with our first feature, Antonio Brown. Working with him has been an amazing experience and we feel confident that this is just the beginning of an extremely powerful campaign which will give a sneak peak into the life of unique individuals and the work they do to elevate communities”, said Dripp Extracts leadership team. In the video footage, Brown is shown smoking one of the Dripp disposable vape pens in the flavor Cherry Bomb, where you can see him express his love for the brand and vocalizing “that’s fire”.

Brown played as a wide receiver for various teams in the NFL. Most known for acting as a free agent and helping lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory at Super Bowl XVL, Brown gained notoriety for walking off the field and removing his jersey mid game. Since then, Brown has begun a lucrative career in the music industry; spending time with many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities including Kanye West, The Game and French Montana. Dripp Extracts is sold throughout California and can be found at various retail locations across the state. For those interested in purchasing, please see a location near you on WeedMaps.

About Dripp Extracts:

In 2018, Dripp Extracts was founded by a California entity. The Dripp brand came to fruition with the goal of providing a premium product for the true cannabis connoisseur. They currently manufacture and sell sugar, diamonds, badder, live resin and disposable vaporizers in a variety of flavor profiles.

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