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Eliminate clutter and extra wires with this USB-C Apple Watch charger that fits in your palm

Eliminate clutter and extra wires with this USB-C Apple Watch charger that fits in your palm

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TL;DR: Power up with the OMNIA A1 Apple Watch Magnetic Wireless Charger for just $39.99 as of Sept. 9 — that’s an 18% savings.

The only time adding a new charger to your life is a good thing is if it can also help you cut down on clutter. There’s nothing worse than looking around your clean apartment or bedroom and having your eye drawn immediately to a mess of wires congregating in the corner.

With this OMNIA A1 USB-C Apple Watch charger, you can eliminate wires and clunky charging bricks and just get back to basics. This charger works through Qi-enabled charging, which means a strong magnet holds the watch in place no matter what angle you decide to plug it in from. You can charge your watch comfortably from a propped-up iPad, directly into a wall outlet brick, or into your laptop as you’re working. It plugs directly into any powered USB-C device. 

The charging magnet in this charger is so strong that you’ll never have to remove any protective case around your Apple Watch to let it juice back up. You simply place the watch on or around the charger and it’ll start charging. The best part of this charger is its size. You can take it virtually anywhere with you, and due to its small size, you can even put it in your pocket or the zipper-pouch of your bag and it’ll stay secure. Since it weighs in at .74 ounces, you won’t feel it weighing you down. You won’t notice it until you need it, and when you do, you’ll be glad you have it.

See all of the different ways you can plug in and use this convenient Apple Watch charger in the video below:

Normally, the OMNIA A1 USB-C Apple Watch charger retails for $49. But for a limited time, you can save 18 percent off the total retail price and take it home for just $39.99.

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