Enbridge and SEAN partner on new sustainable community in Barrie

Geothermal system will harness heat from the earth to warm and cool homes 

BARRIE, ON, May 1, 2023 /CNW/ – Today, representatives from Enbridge Sustain and SEAN, a multi-award-winning developer of high-performance, sustainable homes, unveiled the development of a new 73-unit townhome and condo community in Barrie that will be sustainably heated and cooled using a dedicated geothermal system designed, built, and operated by Enbridge.

“Developers, builders, and building owners face significant barriers when seeking to adopt clean energy solutions including high upfront capital costs and ongoing maintenance and operating concerns,” said Mark Irvine, Vice President of Enbridge Sustain. “We’re helping to make the adoption of sustainable energy technologies convenient and hassle free through a suite of affordable and dependable turnkey solutions including geothermal, solar, electric and hybrid heating and electric vehicle chargers.”

Enbridge Sustain manages the end-to-end delivery of low carbon energy projects like this at no upfront cost, working with trusted partners to ensure seamless integration into the development process. This includes everything from design to installation and maintenance along with comprehensive energy reporting for customers to demonstrate the impact of their community.

SEAN, one of Ontario’s leading builders of high-performance, sustainable communities has designed and built communities across Ontario, with a portfolio of over 1,000 homes in Barrie. The company is committed to reworking the blueprint from status quo to sustainably sound, crafting communities that unite and inspire, providing innovative living solutions for today’s modern buyer.

“We’re utilizing geothermal through Enbridge Sustain who took on the up-front capital costs enabling us to start on early infrastructure to then lease to the customers over time without increasing the cost. It’s important that we offer affordable, comfortable homes with lower carbon footprints to our customers and Enbridge Sustain helps us to do that.” said Sean Mason, VP Sales, Land Acquisition & Marketing, Sustainability Initiatives for SEAN

In addition to a geothermal heating and air conditioning system, these eco-friendly units include solar shading devices, biophilic balconies, a SmartONE home system, cross laminated timber, an optional SWITCH EV charging station and solar panels. These sustainable materials and innovations benefit not only the environment, but the person living inside the unit too.

As Ontario focuses on the transition to a net-zero energy future, this partnership supports the federal and provincial governments’ emission reduction strategies and municipal energy plans that encourage developers to reach net-zero in new communities.

“Our government is doing everything we can to keep cost of living down for families and individuals, while providing more sustainable housing solutions” said Andrea Khanjin, MPP for BarrieInnisfil. “This incredible partnership with Enbridge Sustain and SEAN is great news for Barrie as it will bring 73 Certified and labeled net-zero ready townhouses and condo units to our community, which not only reduces the homeowners carbon footprint and energy bills, but it will also increase the air quality.” 

Visit enbridgesustain.com learn more about each of the technologies currently offered by Enbridge Sustain. If you’re interested in receiving more information, complete the Contact us form and a sustainable energy consultant will reach out to you. 

Quick Facts

  • 73 townhouse and condo units developed by SEAN in Barrie, Ontario will use geothermal for HVAC (heating & cooling), and will be EnergyStar Certified and labeled Net Zero Ready homes
    • 35 townhomes using geothermal for hot water as well as HVAC
    • 38 condos using geothermal for HVAC
  • These efficiency measures not only reduce the homeowner energy bills and carbon footprint, but they also increase comfort and indoor air quality for the entire family.
  • Geothermal systems are 300-400% more efficient compared to conventional heating sources like propane, oil and electricity which peak at 95% efficiency.
  • Geothermal systems can save up to 60% on heating costs and up to 50% on cooling costs.
  • Enbridge Sustain offers dependable, affordable, and low-carbon energy solutions to current homeowners, developers, and commercial customers.
About Enbridge Sustain

Enbridge Sustain is an unregulated energy-as-a-service line of business in Ontario (distinct from Enbridge Gas’s utility regulated services) backed by over 100 years of experience in the energy industry and utility sector. This service offers dependable, affordable, and low-carbon energy solutions to current homeowners, developers, and commercial customers by providing finance, design, construction, ownership, and maintenance of energy technology for a monthly fee. Visit enbridgesustain.com to learn more on how we’re helping to reduce GHG emissions and energy costs.

About SEAN

SEAN is a multi-award-winning developer of Energy Star Certified and Net Zero Ready homes. Building to a higher standard, SEAN is designing beautiful communities that bring neighbours together and provide innovative living solutions for today’s modern buyer. With a commitment to lifestyle, quality and energy efficiency, SEAN is a leading force in driving positive change in Barrie and across Ontario. Visit sean.ca to learn more

SOURCE Enbridge Sustain

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