Enterprise application development company with 200% year on year growth is hiring 50+ engineers in Eastern India

KOLKATA, India, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The US-based enterprise application development company Utah Tech Labs has announced about 50+ open positions for the first 2 quarters of 2022. The company is headquartered in the United States with a presence in Germany, the UK, Canada, Lithuania, and India. 

About the company 

“We help automate businesses” – Utah Tech Labs 

Utah Tech Labs is a consistently growing international enterprise application development company with more than 200% year-on-year growth. It offers world-class custom digital solutions for small-to-midsize and enterprise-size businesses. The company is known for its deep industry expertise and the latest IT advancements, with a focus on quality, innovation, and speed through agile product development practices. 

In the last years, it has expanded to having 150+ employees with branches in 5 countries and reached $1.8B in customer revenue generation. The team has experience in working with diverse industry verticals and streamlining their processes with robust tech solutions for various business needs. Such competencies surely set the company apart from the competitors. 

Company services highlights 

  • Smart hardware prototyping

Utah Tech Labs is one of the few companies focusing on hardware product development in Eastern India. One of the latest projects gaining much international interest is their smart doorbell with motion sensor, person/object/obstacle detector, 5MP camera, 1GB memory, and 32GB storage, loud buzzer, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC connectivity, zone mapping, digital video recorder, and live video streamer. It can be confidently said that the doorbell is way smarter than most of the existing doorbells available in the marketplace.

  • Enterprise application development 

Utah Tech Labs experts deal with a full set of services around the development and maintenance of web, mobile, and cross-platform complex cloud server-based applications. They build, test, deploy, protect, customize, and optimize their solutions while ensuring the optimal TCO. The team is highly efficient in setting up and managing AWS and Google cloud servers. 

  • Game development 

User-focussed unity game development & design approach combined with rich experience in unity mobile app development enables the company to create business products with gamified experiences and ground-breaking user engagement. Among the latest games launched by the company: Cure Commando, DOTBOT, Makeover plus, and MAANDEEQ. 

  • IoT

As a full-stack IoT developer, Utah Tech Labs builds smart IoT solutions and converts analog products into digital ones using various IoT platforms, firmware, and sensors. The company has expertise in USP, IoT hardware, prototyping, firmware development, and more advanced IoT services. Among the latest IoT projects launched by Utah Tech Labs: Smart Emergency Alarm with built-in connectivity and GPS, School child safety system, Guard patrol monitoring, Touchscreen parking kiosk, and Keyless smart locks. 

  • Data science 

Businesses across all industries are starting to leverage AI and machine learning techniques offered by Utah Tech Labs to segment customers, reach the right audience, predict events in the future and automate their processes. The company’s experts are currently working on USP, retail, sales, and subscription cancellation prediction (so that the customer churn can be reduced by the company) and expanding their current list of data science services. 

The company is hiring 

Utah Tech Labs is currently looking for experts in Eastern India who have in-depth knowledge in full stack & mean stack development, firmware development, mobile application development, DevOps, and machine learning. It offers an international working environment with highly flexible working terms and valuable employee benefits. The company is aimed at delivering impactful and seamless results, so the selection process includes pre-screening (the candidate’s CV review), English language level assessment (since the company operates globally, a sufficient level of English language is a must for effective communication with clients), tech and personal interviews which help to evaluate tech knowledge, problem-solving skills, and one’s motivation to work in the international environment. 

The company believes that every idea has the potential of disrupting the market. Utah Tech Labs has completed hundreds of successful projects for clients from all around the globe.

Now there is a chance for more than 50 tech experts from Eastern India to start their international careers and gain world recognition. 

About Utah Tech Labs

We offer solutions to help businesses grow and provide autonomous digital experiences. We are an enterprise application development company with strong footprints in smart hardware prototyping, game development, IoT, data science, and many more. We help automate businesses with result-driven digital solutions.

Company’s contacts: 

Soumya Dhar

[email protected]

+91 9903 888 916


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