Entreprenista Joins Forces with The Hershey Company to Amplify the Voices of Women Across the Globe and Create Community #HerSHE #HerforShe

Entreprenista Joins Forces with The Hershey Company to Amplify the Voices of Women Across the Globe and Create Community #HerSHE #HerforShe

NEW YORK, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Entreprenista, a media company and membership community dedicated to the advancement of women-led businesses, is proud to celebrate and empower women across the globe in partnership with Hershey Brazil, Hershey India, Hershey Canada, and Hershey Mexico through their #HerSHE campaign in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th).

The Hershey Company’s award-winning #HerSHE campaign, which originated in Brazil in 2020, will transform its iconic Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar wrapper into a celebration of cultural female icons, or “Sheroes”, their accomplishments, and the impact these Sheroes have made in their communities. The celebratory packs of Hershey Canada, Hershey Mexico, Hershey Brazil, and Hershey India represent women supporting women’s talent, and the bars showcase artwork from local artists and spotlight and celebrate local women who deserve global recognition.

“As a company that embraces diversity and equity, we saw a unique insight into how we can make visible the role of forgotten or somewhat invisible women who make such an important difference in our society,” said Santhi Ramesh, CMO for Hershey International. “These campaigns celebrate women while communicating our brand values and the values we share with our consumers.  The user generated content is real and authentic, and as a result is able to break through and resonate strongly with consumers.”

“Entreprenista is proud to support Hershey’s activities in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and India with the shared mission of empowering and celebrating women across the globe,” says Stephanie Cartin, CEO of Entreprenista. “We invite all women to participate this month, by nominating inspirational women in your life on social media, to get featured on Entreprenista’s website and social media platforms!”

Hershey is also providing Scholarships to the Entreprenista League for women of Brazil, Mexico, and Canada to create lasting community among this year’s Sheroes.

Entreprenista is leveraging the award-winning influencer work of Socialfly, the leading social media marketing and influencer agency to share stories of women in Brazil, Mexico, and India, along with Entreprenista‘s website, and membership community (The Entreprenista League), and podcast network, including their latest show, Startups in Stilettos launching March 8th, to amplify the voices of women being featured across the world.

Join the movement!

Share a post on social media to nominate women in your life who inspire you using the hashtags #HerforShe and #HerSHE. Tag 2+ inspirational women who deserve to be celebrated and ask them to nominate women who inspire them too. Tag @entreprenistas to be featured on Entreprenista’s site and social media platforms, and tag Hershey Mexico @hersheys_mx or Hershey Brazil @hersheysbr, to get featured on their HerForShe galleries!

If you live in India, please visit:, scroll down to select your template, and create a share card on social media.

If you live in Canada, please use the hashtag #HerForShe and tag @hersheycanada and @entreprenistas to help us make stories more visible!

Hershey is also supporting Entreprenista’s Global Virtual event this year on International Women’s Day, March 8th at 11 am EST, where Entreprenista will bring together a panel of successful and innovative women to showcase their talents, and to discuss gender equality and gender balance as an economic issue. To join the virtual event, and join the movement #HerforShe, please visit:

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Entreprenista empowers and inspires the current and aspiring generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and celebrate their success. The community is made up of founders and decision makers, and aspiring Entreprenistas who learn the secrets to running a business from women who’ve done it. Entreprenista’s Podcast network, which includes shows like The Entreprenista Podcast and Startups in Stilettos Podcast, host successful female leaders each week, and gets into the nitty gritty of what it’s like really to run a business. Entreprenista’s membership community, The Entreprenista League, provides direct access to Socialfly and Entreprenista founders Stephanie Cartin, Courtney Spritzer and their inner circle of successful founders and entrepreneurs, along with virtual networking events, and discounts to the business tools and solutions that have helped them scale their businesses. For more information, visit

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