eSprayMe, revolutionary event management app, goes Live

eSprayMe website and mobile application promises to revolutionize the world of event management through virtual conferencing.

eSprayMe is a product of eSprayMe Incorporation, headquartered in Texas, USA, and invented by Nigerian-American Information Technology expert, Fisayo Olamigoke.

The platform which went Live this weekend, was designed for event hosts and attendees of social and corporate events to meet, network and celebrate seamlessly.

By simply signing up on the app and website, subscribers can plan events, distribute invite links on their social media platforms, remotely engage the services of workers in the events industry, host it virtually on eSprayMe, and receive cash gifts all on the eSprayMe platform.

All event hosts on the platform would have a unique QR-Code that attendees can scan to virtually spray monetary gifts.

This virtual platform adheres to national policies on currency use.

Fisayo Olamigoke, the founder, said that platform offers time and cost savings of organizing and attending events, as users can navigate from one event to another on the eSprayMe web and mobile app.

In his words: “Users would be notified of public events holding within their location, and would have the option to attend virtually.

Celebrants have the option of holding events that are open to the public, or creating a personalized invite link to selected guests only.

The is synchronized with the social media pages of subscribers to easily share invite links to guests and live stream events”.

This innovative app deploys a first-of its kind Hologram Technology.

This means that a three-dimensional projection of guests, hosts, and performers would appear on the virtual platform as though they were all in the same room on the app.

Pictures of guests can also be taken together using this technology.

eSprayMe presents job opportunities for merchants trading in goods and services, event engineers, managers, advertisers, speech writers, Disk Jockeys, Master of Ceremonies, etc.

Who can use eSprayMe?

Corporate bodies, small and medium enterprises as well as individuals can advertise their products on services on eSprayMe, during and after events.

Simply download the eSprayMe app on your mobile phone or access the website on to sign up and celebrate.

What you should know about the founder

Nigerian-American Information Technology expert, Fisayo Olamigoke is the inventor and owner of eSprayMe Inc.

He has almost two decades of experience in the IT industry, and has worked with private IT giants and departments in the United States government.

Olamigoke has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Howard University, Washington DC.

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