Ethanim Press Conference in Tokyo: Making the Metaverse Fully Decentralized

Ethanim Press Conference in Tokyo: Making the Metaverse Fully Decentralized

TOKYO, Feb. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ethanim, an infrastructure for seamless migration of metaverse applications to blockchain, held a press conference in Tokyo on February 8.

On the day of the event, Ethanim CEO Mr. Takaaki Ansai introduced the concept and development plan of the project. In addition, Professor Hiroyuki Morikawa of the Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, and legal representative of Bango plc Andy Suzuki gave speeches on stage. Jiro Ishii, representative of Storytelling Corporation, and Takehiro Ando, game designer and director of sisilala Corporation, gave special speeches.

Mr. Ansai, CEO of Ethanim, said at the beginning that “decentralization of the metaverse” and “eternal application” are important factors for the eternal development of the metaverse and are the basis of the design philosophy of Ethanim. To achieve these, Ethanim combines mobile computing technology and blockchain technology by “replacing the mechanism of ‘agreement among the untrusted majority of nodes’ with the mechanism of ‘putting nodes in a trustworthy state before performing calculations. ‘ to ensure the performance is able to support large applications.”

In addition, “In Ethanim, digital assets can be traded in a variety of forms in a borderless manner while remaining entirely your own, and preventing them from suddenly being lost or losing their value because of someone.” Specifically, “the sword, an equipment used in medieval-themed games, can be used as a missile in other recent-themed games and can also be sold on the market,” emphasized the user benefits created by the ecosystem of Ethanim.

Besides, Takaaki Ansai also introduced the Ethanim test network that will be launched in the third quarter of 2022. The applications can be developed on the test network along with the distribution of Ethanim’s local token, EPU.

Next, Professor Hiroyuki Morikawa of the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo took the stage. Taking the example of washing machines as an example of the impact of new technologies on society, Professor Hiroyuki Morikawa said, “The market for clothing has expanded at once because of the change in the concept of hygiene due to the emergence of washing machines,” and that no one could have predicted such a change in the market until now. Because “technology is repeatedly centralized and decentralized”, in the future, with the huge trend of decentralization, he emphasized that “many people will participate and think, and a beautiful ecosystem will be created”.

The next person to take the stage was Mr. Andy Suzuki of Bango plc. He mentioned that research on blockchain-based delivery and payment of content in the metaverse space is ongoing. On top of that, he mentioned Ethanim’s idea of decentralizing large-scale applications and had high hopes for its future development. He said that he was looking forward to Ethanim doing something that would shock the world.

The next speaker was Jirou Ishii, a representative of Storytelling Corporation, who spoke on the topic of “IP production methods and expansion methods”.

Mr. Jirou Ishii categorized worldwide IP (intellectual property): “story IP”, which focuses on story, “character IP”, which emphasizes the charm of characters, and “worldview IP”, which gains popularity through the worldview itself. As “moving to worldview IP is a goal of IP”, he emphasized the necessity for the continued survival of content.

He added that the platform of Ethanim is designed to provide a free connection between applications. Mr. Jirou Ishii judged the high affinity with “Multiverse IP” by his analysis as a future trend. “As content such as movies moves to Multiverse, it becomes more easily realistic. In the future, it is likely that everyone will be able to experience the very best content in the metaverse.”

The last speaker was Mr.Takeshi Ando, the representative director of sisilala. He gave a speech titled “game makers first think seriously about the metaverse”.

Based on his current experience in game production, Mr. Ando said that it is important to create content on metaverse applications. He believed that “being able to do anything is nothing, and that it is very important to capture a single point for creation”. He also mentioned that most of the current popular creators are from the younger generation, saying that “young people have the ability to promote creativity,” and emphasized the importance of utilizing the power of the younger generation.

In the future, Ethanim will serve as a portal to all metaverse infrastructures and contribute to future social development and technological revitalization.

Please look forward to future activities in Japan.

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