Evadav Ad Network Review

The Evolving Ad Network

Serving 2+ billion impressions every day, Evadav offer a wide range of payment options with 24/7 client care and dedicated account managers.

EvaDav is a performance based advertising network specializing in push-notifications and native ads for both publishers and advertisers. With 60+ million subscribers, from many different geos, they are a leading ad network with one of the largest target specific niches in the industry.

Even though their primary focus is helping publishers earn more from their website traffic, they offer solutions to both advertisers and publishers within their platform.

About Evadav Push Notification

EvaDav is a Push Notification Ad Network  whose mission was to unite both publisher and advertising platforms into a single place.

Their company is comprised of a group of companies with 11+ years of development and ad tech integration into their advertising products.  Their expertise in the advertising markets has enabled them to create cutting-edge solutions focusing on the highest standards of push notification and understanding their traffic sources furthering development to anti-fraud monitoring systems. 

Advantages For Publishers

Evadav enables publishers to monetize their websites through both native ads on their websites and push notifications. Visitors that subscribe to receive push-notifications from your website will continually bring your money every time they interact with the push notification ads. 

As mentioned above, because Push-Notifications have such high engagement and click through rates EvaDav is able to offer some of the highest conversion rates on the market.

Here’s some of the other more important and FAQ’s about publisher safety:

  • Only verified advertisers with all messages coming from EvaDav domain
  • development of custom LP’s according to individual webmaster’s requests
  • integration with plenty of trackers, such as Binom, Keitaro, BeMob, PeerClick
  • personal account manager available 24/7
  • quick and easy registration
  • referral program 5%
  • minimum payout – $25 with weekly payments
  • ALL verticals and GEOs worldwide
  • Choose from CPM, CPA, or RevShare models. 

Advantages For Advertisers

Besides the obvious advantages of high click-through-rate, immediate responses, and high delivery rates with no spam filters, I would have to say I am super excited that EvaDav is a CPA & Affiliate Friendly network.

Unlike Facebook or Google, you can promote your gaming, dating, health, forex, content, or gambling downloads and these perform really well. You will need to comply with their Prohibited materials rules (of course) but mostly are around copywriter work, illegal content, or anything around religious or hate messages.  

Some of the Key Benefits Include:

  • 100% BRAND SAFETY. All of the advertiser’s creatives are monitored with machine-learning algorithms and are checked manually.
  • HIGHEST CR / CTR.  By matching the best offers with the relevant audience, boost the efficiency of your ad campaigns.
  • 100% FRAUD SAFETY. Platform’s solution automatically cuts off any bot or suspicious activity, providing only real users and a live audience for your campaigns.
  • PREMIUM INVENTORY. Get access to Premium publishers and the target audience that matches your offers best.
  • HIGH VOLUME. More than 50M push ads are delivered every day for advertising partners, ensuring high ROI.
  • Easy moderation (can advertise gambling, dating, which is not possible with Facebook or Google)
  • Personal account manager available 24/7
  • Worldwide GEO
  • All niches are available (gambling, easy adult)
  • Low minimum recharge of only $100 usd 


What ad formats does EvaDav offer? 

EvaDav offers push notifications, popunder and in-page push notifications but are best known for being the best push notification ad network

What are the average EvaDav CPM rates? 

EvaDav actually doesn’t use CPM rates, but instead the 2 monetization models they use are revenue share and CPA (cost per action). 

What is the EvaDav Minimum payment threshold?

EvaDav offers publishers a low minimum payment amount of $25 with weekly payments available.  For wire transfers, the minimum balance is $1,000.

What are the EvaDav payment methods? 

EvaDav offers publishers the ability to receive payments by PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, ePayments, Webmoney, Payoneer, and Bank Wire.

Evadav Verdict

In a nutshell, I’d like to draw your attention to the advantages of EvaDav traffic platform:

These guys have a super user-friendly interface, which provides an easy-to-jump-in experience and causes no complaints from the user’s side;

They also provide a convenient layout of reports that makes analysis fast and efficient;

In addition, EvaDav Support does not fail to please you. They are fast and indeed helpful when you question them about traffic suggestions, optimization, and platform functionality;

Last but not least, EvaDav has great traffic quality! Their wide variety of sources let you choose the most suitable traffic for your offer vertical and, consequently, enjoy excellent turnover.

I have to admit that during my tests I liked traffic quality so much that I decided to continue running some campaigns and even started a few new ones.

And guess what?!

The leads didn’t keep me waiting!

So don’t put off the tests!

Sign up right now, write to your manager and start driving traffic to your offers!

Offers & Verticals

Ad Types (Ad Formats): Push and Pop

Cost Model: CPC, CPM

Offers Verticals: Sweepstakes, Dating, Gambling

Payment & Investment

EvaDav Minimum Deposit: $100

Payment Methods: PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, Skrill, Paxum, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Bitpay, UnionPay, WeChat, Capitalist, Payoneer.


Personal Account Manager: Yes

Support Response Speed: 10 min – 2 hours

Support Rating: Great

Contact Methods Available: Online chat, e-mail, Skype, Telegram

Evadav Pros

  • Great traffic quality
  • User-friendly interface and reposts layout
  • Fast moderation
  • Friendly and helpful support

Evadav Cons

  • Unused Funds between 15-20$ remain on the balance and can’t be withdrawn.
  • Stat report doesn’t show sources with a low number of clicks.

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