Evermos, Social Commerce from Indonesia, Snags 3G Championship Awards 2022 for Women Empowerment

Evermos, Social Commerce from Indonesia, Snags 3G Championship Awards 2022 for Women Empowerment

BANDUNG, Indonesia, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Evermos, a social commerce platform from Indonesia, won the Global Good Governance (3G) Championship Awards 2022 for Women Empowerment, organized by Cambridge International Financial Advisory (IFA). This global award is given to organizations that have committed to implementing programs to empower women and improve their welfare, especially in terms of gender equality and economic development. This 7th annual awards ceremony was held in Dubai (18/05).

“Since our establishment in 2019, women empowerment has become an important pillar for Evermos in building the largest social commerce platform in Indonesia. Now, 73% of our 500.000 active resellers are women. With the main campaign of #PerempuanAndalan (Reliable Woman), Evermos actively supports the role of women by giving them access, opportunity, and training so that they can become more independent and contribute to their household income and family wellbeing. ” said Iqbal Muslimin, Chief of Sustainability and Co-Founder of Evermos. The importance of women’s empowerment is also in line with McKinsey Research which concluded that if the gender gap is narrowed, $12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025.

Currently, the majority of resellers at Evermos are women from small cities across Indonesia. Their full potential to become successful entrepreneurs is  hindered by a limited skill, capital and opportunity. Evermos empowers them as resellers by providing entrepreneurship training, access to technology, and thousands of local products, so they can have a better chance at being more economically independent. Just by selling products on Evermos, top 20% resellers can earn an average net income of 2.5 million IDR (about $170 USD) per month, higher than the monthly minimum wage of most cities in Indonesia. “In Evermos, it’s really convenient, we are not left alone (after we register as resellers) but we are guided. I see that Evermos provides a great opportunity for women, especially mothers like me, to create value. Not only through selling products, but also by having a positive community,” said Umbar Ernawati, a reseller from Demak, a small city in Central Java. 

Awardees in the 3G Awards are determined based on a methodology that analyzes 5 main pillars, namely transparency, social responsibility, sustainability, impact, and innovation. The selection is carried out by a special committee formed from the government, practitioners, and academics. “This 3G Championship Award is a form of appreciation for all the hard work of employees, resellers, SMEs, and all Evermos partners in women’s empowerment. Evermos is proud to be one of the technology startups from Indonesia that focuses on empowering women to build prosperity and restore the national economy after the pandemic.” Iqbal added.

Evermos is a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) of UN Women, a program supported by We Empower Asia backed by the European Union, to promote gender equality throughout the Evermos ecosystem, internally, as a marketplace, and in its community. Women’s Empowerment is one of the three pillars of Evermos in making social impact along with the community empowerment and innovation to empower the lower socio-economic groups.


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About Evermos

Evermos is a social commerce platform with a strong vision to enable a Collaborative Economy for the growth of economy in Indonesia. Evermos provides an ecosystem that supports individuals beyond Tier 1 cities who intend to start a business or earn additional income by becoming a reseller, without a capital fund and it is all free to be accessed for everyone. Supported by Evermos platform, resellers, SMEs, local brands, and consumers can experience a free and seamless journey to conduct a transaction through our technology-powered platform. Evermos platform includes a product interface, comprehensive and continuously updated marketing kit such as catalog, access to a digital payment gateway, and logistics. Besides the tools, Evermos provides regular training from professionals so that our resellers can continuously upgrade and foster their skills and knowledge. Currently Evermos has empowered more than 500,000 resellers throughout Indonesia and collaborates with more than 700 brand partners.

In 2021, Evermos managed to secure series B funding, with a total of more than IDR 540 billion of incoming funding. Still in the same year, Evermos managed to enter the prestigious Forbes Asia 100 to Watch list as one of the 100 startups in the Asia-Pacific region capable of delivering social change and growing rapidly during the pandemic. Evermos is also a member of the Global Innovator for the World Economic Forum who actively participates in discussions of the world economy, especially in the MSME sector. Recently, one of the founders of Evermos, Iqbal Muslimin, has also made it into the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2022. Recently, one of the founders of Evermos, Iqbal Muslimin, has also made it into the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017. 2022. To find out more about Evermos products and services, please visit the official Evermos website page at


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