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Everything coming to Hulu in December

Everything coming to Hulu in December

It’s almost time for December, which means it’s also almost time for new movies and TV shows on Hulu.

December marks the return of multiple Hulu original comedies like Pen15 and Crossing Swords. Hulu is also premiering sci-fi thriller Mother/Android and true crime documentary Dead Asleep. If you’re in the mood to revisit old favorites, a massive amount of movies are joining Hulu’s library, including Ocean’s Eleven through Thirteen.

Here’s everything coming to Hulu in December 2021.

Top Pick: Pen15 Season 2 Part 2

Time for more awkward memories
Credit: Lara Solanki/Hulu

Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine’s “traumedy” Pen15 is back to remind you of your most cringeworthy times in middle school. Konkle and Erskine play 13 year-old versions of themselves – the rest of the cast is actual kids – and the result is a show that is hilarious, awkward, and heartwarming all at once. The second part of Season 2 sees these two friends dealing with more of the challenges of adolescence and life in general, including new boyfriends and loss of loved ones. Pen15 is currently one of the best comedies on TV, so now is the perfect time to catch up and get ready for new episodes.

How to watch: New episodes of Pen15 premiere Dec. 3 on Hulu.


Above the Rim (12/1)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (12/1)

Addicted (12/1)

Alex Cross (12/1)

Alienator (12/1)

All Is Lost (12/1)

Armageddon (12/1)

Back To School (12/1)

Behind Enemy Lines (12/1)

Blow (12/1)

Brighton Beach (12/13)

Bull Durham (12/1)

Chattahoochee (12/1)

Cherry 2000 (12/1)

Con Air (12/1)

Crazy Heart (12/1)

Crimson Tide (12/1)

Cryptozoo (12/16)

Cujo (12/1)

Days of Heaven (12/1)

Dead Asleep (12/16)

Dead Man Walking (12/1)

Earth To Echo (12/1)

Erik the Viking (12/1)

Flightplan (12/1)

Four Weddings and a Funeral (12/1)

Friday the 13th (12/1)

Her Smell (12/1)

Hide and Seek (12/1)

Hollow Man (12/1)

Holy Man (12/1)

Horton Hears A Who! (12/1)

Hustlers (12/1)

I Love You, Beth Cooper (12/1)

Jagged Edge (12/1)

King Kong (1976) (12/1)

Love Field (12/1)

Making Mr. Right (12/1)

Materna (12/10)

Mother/Android (12/17)

My Best Friend’s Wedding (12/1)

Ocean’s Eleven (12/1)

Ocean’s Twelve (12/1)

Ocean’s Thirteen (12/1)

Regarding Henry (12/1)

Rio (12/1)

Rising Wolf (12/15)

Serendipity (12/1)

Shanghai Noon (12/1)

She’s Out of My League (12/1)

Sherlock Holmes (2009) (12/1)

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (12/1)

Silverado (12/1)

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (12/1)

Soda Cracker (12/1)

Some Kind of Wonderful (12/1)

Something’s Gotta Give (12/1)

Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift (12/1)

Stephen King’s Thinner (12/1)

Superbeast (12/1)

Swan Song (12/9)

The A-Team (12/1)

The Bank Job (12/1)

The Black Stallion (12/1)

The Black Stallion Returns (12/1)

The Crazies (12/1)

The Curse (12/1)

The Dungeonmaster (12/1)

The East (12/2)

The Manchurian Candidate (2004) (12/1)

The Nowhere Inn (12/17)

The Princess Bride (12/1)

The Raid 2 (12/1)

The Siege of Firebase Gloria (12/1)

The Warriors (12/1)

The World of Kanako (12/3)

Troll (12/1)

We Need to Do Something (12/3)

World War Z (12/7)

Young Guns (12/1)

Young Guns II (12/1)


All Rise Seasons 1-2 (12/1)

American Auto Series premiere (12/14)

Bloods Season 1 (12/9)

Candified: Home for the Holidays Season 1 (12/1)

Creamerie Season 1 (12/9)

Crossing Swords Season 2 (12/10)

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 1 (12/23)

Godfather of Harlem Season 1 (12/2)

Grand Crew Series premiere (12/15)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 premiere (12/2)

Letterkenny Season 10 (12/26)

Pen15 New episodes of Season 2 (12/3)

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 (12/6)

The New York Times Presents: To Live and Die in Alabama New episode (12/3)

Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller Season 2 (12/2)

Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 5 (12/9)

Vice Versa: HIV: The Neglected Pandemic Season 2 (12/2)


70th Miss Universe Competition (12/13)

Annie Live! (12/3)

Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip: Christmas Vacation (12/15)

Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip: European Vacation (12/14)

Kelly Clarkson Presents: Wen Christmas Comes Around (12/2)

Michael Buble’s Christmas in the City (6/7)

People’s Choice Awards (12/8)

Trolls Holiday in Harmony (12/3)

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