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How to achieve high performance in a highly flexible environment

The Miles Group releases part three of podcast series on Executing for Outcomes, featuring CEO Stephen Miles and COO Taylor Griffin

NEW YORK, Jan. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — What does it take to win? “Let’s define what we need to get done. Let’s get alignment across the company on that definition. Then, let’s sequence, prioritize, and execute,” say Stephen Miles, Chief Executive Officer, and Taylor Griffin, Chief Operating Officer of The Miles Group (TMG), on episode 16 of the C-Suite Intelligence podcast, “Executing for Outcomes: What It Takes To Win,” released today.

“CEOs want to understand how to have high performance in a highly flexible environment,” says Miles. “It takes work, though. You have to redesign scheduling. You have to redesign meetings… As leaders, what we need to do is have rich context that’s driven into our gold star conversation, continually.”

Miles is referring to what he calls “Gold Star Management,” a simple framework TMG uses with leadership coaching clients to define “what winning looks like” over a set period of time.

A lot of leaders “are going to need to recalibrate their operating systems,” says Griffin. “They will have to make sure that their operating system aligns with what it takes to win. If you take the time to do that, you get a better experience and you get better outcomes.”

In order to refocus and recalibrate teams effectively, context is key. However, setting context can be challenging, particularly for the 58 percent of Americans adjusting to a hybrid work model. “We have reconciled the office on ‘density days’ to actually perform its function, which is to do in-person work.”

The concept of office density days is to designate specific days for in-office teamwork, spurring individuals to be more productive when they’re back at their screens. Griffin says, “Let’s edit in the office. Let’s do milestone events in the office. Let’s kick things off in the office. Let’s onboard new people in the office. Let’s reconcile the office to do the stuff that we need to do in person as human beings…And then, let’s scatter to go do our work.”

Miles continues, “What we want to do is create a culture and an operating environment where we can win together.”

Executing for Outcomes: What It Takes To Win” is the third and last installment of the C-Suite Intelligence series on executing for outcomes, which includes “A New Operating Environment” and “Pivoting from Potential to Performance.”  New episodes air every other Tuesday on all major podcast platforms.

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