FiberStrike by Cleveland Electric Labs Announces Readiness to Ride the Global Fiber Bragg Grating Market Growth

Fiber Bragg Grating Market continues to rapidly expand.

TWINSBURG, Ohio, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Market research company Facts and Factors recently published a report noting the forecasted continued growth of the Fiber Bragg Grating market. Applications in industries with tough specifications, such as aerospace, industrial, and transportation, are set to increase, with a predicted CAGR growth rate of 23.9% through 2028.

Fiber optic sensor technology is being increasingly embraced by many industrial sectors, as well as government and security, because of its advantages over other modalities. Fiber optic sensors provide accurate measurements for up to 25 km. Fiber optics are resistant to electromagnetic disruptions and are impervious to power outages, so they are more reliable as ongoing sensors. These sensors also offer versatility in the installation: they can be built into existing construction or they can be incorporated into new architecture.

“FiberStrike has been in the fiber optic business for more than twenty years, and in the sensor business for over 100 years,” said Dr. Alan Seymour, FiberStrike president. “Over the last year, we have seen requests from the federal and security sectors increase dramatically.”

The need for advanced monitoring will drive growth in the fiber optic market. The Fact and Factors report notes that the use of fiber optic sensors in the growing aircraft sector will continue to expand because of the sensors’ ability to withstand the tough operating environment of aerospace applications. Federal buildings and data centers are also using fiber optic sensors for perimeter monitoring, among other uses, and “stringent regulatory restrictions regarding passenger safety” in the transportation sector will drive the growth of the market even further, according to Facts and Factors.

“We have built our reputation by providing the highest quality fiber optic sensors and fiber Bragg grating interrogator technology to clients with stringent specifications like national security agencies, law enforcement agencies, and national defense agencies,” said Seymour. “We are confident in our ability to meet the growing demands of the market and continue to exceed expectations. It is a challenge we are looking forward to meeting.”

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