FLASK Collaborates with Polygon to Build Web 3.0 NAODA Ecosystem

–  FLASK aims to build and foster a Web 3.0 blockchain platform ecosystem on the Polygon PoS chain

–  FLASK is set to onboard their in-house developed RTS/FTS games on its participation-driven Game-Fi platform, NAODA, later this year

–  In celebration of the collaboration, Soulbound Token (SBT) “POPlygon” to be issued for limited-time specified on Twitter

SEOUL, South Korea, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Web 3.0 and gaming platform creator FLASK has announced a collaboration with Polygon to bring their participation-driven GameFi platform NAODA (https://naoda.xyz/) to a larger audience. FLASK will integrate NAODA into the Polygon PoS chain, marking another milestone in the shared vision to expand Web 3.0 technologies through gaming.

NAODA is set to redefine online gaming with high-quality, community-driven experiences, and the collaboration with Polygon will allow them to build and foster those capabilities on a larger scale. The company will onboard its in-house and subsidiary company developed high-end RTS and FPS games on the Polygon-powered NAODA platform in the second half of this year.

“We are excited to be part of Polygon’s Web 3.0 ecosystem, partnering with a brand who shares our belief that gaming can drive blockchain technology to the mainstream,” said Lee Byoung-jae, CEO of FLASK. “We will continue to develop competitive platforms and games, working closely with the Polygon team and their latest solutions.”

NAODA, which became available for beta service on April 7, has already recorded significant achievements. In 10 days, users performed missions and minted more than 6,200 Soulbound tokens, which are coined as Proof-of-Participation (POP) badges within the service. POPs are digital badges that serve as credentials for participating in community and gaming activities. They also come with different rewards, which can be redeemed as tokens to be sold in NAODA’s NFT Marketplace.

Celebrating the collaboration with Polygon, FLASK will issue a limited-time-only POP badge, called “POPlygon,” to users who participate during the week-long event. The event will be announced on Twitter (https://twitter.com/naodaxyz) on April 19.

Meanwhile, FLASK will be attending the world’s largest blockchain event – ‘Consensus 2023’ – in Austin, Texas, from April 26-28 as an official sponsor.


FLASK, a KOSDAQ-listed company, is a technology innovator that was relaunched in 2022 with ambitions to lead the expansion of blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies. The development of its blockchain-based game platform and game titles is driven by top talent with experience at leading companies including Kakao Games, NCSoft, and Neowiz. FLASK CEO Lee Byoung-jae was formerly General Manager at EA Studios’ Spearhead and at EA Seoul Studio for EA Korea, leading several projects for FIFA Online. Additional team members helping drive the business include global talent from companies like the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). FLASK plans to provide expanded GameFi services through its blockchain game platform NAODA and its high-end games, which are scheduled for release in the first half of this year. Learn more at: https://flask.global/

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