Flirtini is an innovative dating and social discovery app that allows users to easily find like-minded people, connecting them based on conversational chemistry in a safe environment.

New company survey reveals that more than 43% of women on dating apps report negative mental health after receiving unsolicited “d*ck pics”

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There’s nothing like an unrequested d*ck pic to make a woman want to give up on online dating entirely. According to a new survey from dating app Flirtini, 69.86% of women have been sent unsolicited sexually explicit texts or images, 60% were reported as texts with unwanted advances while 77.8% of those who responded said they received images of male genitals (aka “d*ck pic”). Digging deeper into the survey data revealed additional trends.  Women ages 25-34 and gay men are shown to be the greatest recipient of images of male genitals 80.64% and 81.81% respectively.

Nearly 70% of women who use dating apps report being sent unsolicited sexually explicit texts or images

Survey Highlights

  • 68.4% of all respondents indicated they received an unsolicited sexually explicit text or image
  • 77.8% of female respondents received an image of male genitals (aka. “d*ck pic”) with that percentage increasing to 80.64% for women ages 25-34 and 75.22% for women ages 35-44
  • 87.48% of gay men said while messaging a potential match (on or off of a dating app), have received an unsolicited sexually explicit text or image. Of those messages, 81.81% were of male genitals (aka. “d*ck pic”)
  • 76.92% lesbian women reported having received a image of female genitals

The impact of these disturbing trends are not isolated, 43.5% of the survey respondents reported that being the recipients of unsolicited sexually explicit texts or images has had a negative effect on their mental health. It was with this problem in mind that Flirtini developed their innovative c*ckblock feature, which uses AI neural network technology to detect sexually explicit photos and prevent their transmission. It’s just one of many features Flirtini uses to keep users safe while encouraging them to flirt and have fun.

“We’re making necessary adjustments to the protections we provide users based on the free flow of unwanted content,” said Flirtini spokesperson Sarah Segal. “Any woman who has actively dated in recent years has either been subject to unsolicited images or known someone impacted. Flirtini is not opposed to consensual x-rated sharing. It’s just not content the dating app chooses to support on its platform for obvious reasons. We want people to be themselves and feel free to pursue whatever kind of connection they’re looking for. But we want to do that in an environment where everyone feels safe.”

Other safety features include vigorous protection against screenshotting, AI-enabled detection and deletion of fake profiles, and the ability to change the app icon for user privacy. In the future, the development team will launch tools that give users the ability to reveal their personal details as they feel comfortable. These will include an anonymous mode and Augmented Reality (AR) masks and filters that can be applied to profiles and during private calls.

Flirtini’s official US launch after a preliminary beta distribution is focused on the mission of making online dating fun again through flirty conversation rather than infinite swiping. The platform was inspired by the innocence and ease experienced on popular “chat-lines” that swept the country in the 1980s before social media existed. The app has modernized that retro-experience with familiar social media features like stories to create a strong community of engaged users. The sleek design is reflective of an upscale nightlife filled with promise, while sophisticated chat prompts help users break the ice.

“It’s easy for online dating to become dull or onerous,” added Segal. “Flirtini is here to help daters find that feeling of excitement that comes from really good conversational chemistry. Members should have a positive experience, but without being subjected to seeing one’s actual member.”

Flirtini also includes a gamification component with a robust rewards program to officiate engagement and usage.

About Flirtini

Flirtini is an innovative dating and social discovery app that allows users to easily find like-minded people, connecting them based on conversational chemistry in a safe environment. The use of special account verification technology and AI neural networks ensures precise matchmaking, avoiding scam and fake profiles. The Flirtini app is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play Stores. For more information about Flirtini follow us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok or visit

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